Understanding your search result placement

Your placement in search results on GigSalad is determined by various criteria. Whether you appear at all is determined by the categories you've added to your PromoKit and the travel distance you've chosen. If you are in the category the event planner is searching for and they are searching in a location that's within your travel range, your placement in those results is then determined by the following:


Level of membership

The first determination is the level of membership. Paid members will be given priority, with Featured appearing first (and identified with a Featured banner), then Pro members, then Semi-Pro*, and last will be Free members. 

*Semi-Pro is a discontinued membership level, and only those that are grandfathered in will still be at this level.

Top Performers

Members who have achieved Top Performer status will be given priority in results, within their membership level. Meaning, if two members are the same level of membership and one is a Top Performer, that member will appear first. Learn more about how to earn Top Performer status.



PromoKits in cities closest to the searched location will show up first, with priority given based on the level of membership.

All cities have a 'preference radius' which means paid members only get priority within a certain radius of the searched location. Once the results begin showing profiles outside this radius, the level of membership no longer plays a part. The results will then only be ordered by who is closest. This radius is often determined by the size and population of the city.

Example: Chicago, IL has a preference radius of 40 miles. So, any Featured member that is less than 40 miles from Chicago will be listed higher than any other member of lower membership level that is closer than that Featured member.

Let's get more specific: 'Cool Performer 1' is Featured and located in Naperville, IL (which is 28 miles from Chicago). 'Cool Performer 2' is Pro and located in Chicago. When searching in Chicago, 'Cool Performer 1' will be given priority because they are Featured and within the preference radius. 'Cool Performer 3' is Featured, but located in Woodstock, IL (which is 52 miles from Chicago and therefore outside the preference radius) so they will not appear in the results until after all other members closer to Chicago, regardless of membership level.

We have this preference radius in place to ensure that our event planners are seeing the most helpful and appropriate results possible. If we gave priority to Featured members who are further away, event planners may get discouraged and leave the site thinking that there is no one close enough to their location. When, in reality, we do have some that are closer, they are just buried in the results. We feel the preference radius is the fairest way to give our paid members search result priority, while still providing relevant results for the event planner.


Main category vs. secondary category

When PromoKits are at the same membership level and located in the same city, priority will be given to the PromoKits that have the searched category as their main category, as opposed to one of their secondary categories. 

Example: The event planner is searching for Cover Bands in Los Angeles. 'Awesome Band 1' has Cover Band as their main category. 'Awesome Band 2' has Tribute Band as their main category, and Cover Band as one of their secondary categories. Both bands are Featured and located in Los Angeles, but since 'Awesome Band 1' has Cover Band as the main category and that's what the event planner is searching for, they will be placed before 'Awesome Band 2'.



When all the above is equal, results will be ordered at random. Each time the search is done, the placement of PromoKits which are equal in membership level, location, and category could be different. 

Example: The event planner is searching for Singing Guitarists in New York City. 'Great Singer 1' and 'Great Singer 2' are both Featured & Top Performers, they are both located in New York City, and they both have Singing Guitarist as their main category. They'll both be given priority in the results, but their position within those top 2 spots will be chosen randomly.

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