Marking gigs as booked

While we hope our members find our booking platform to be convenient and useful, we understand that sometimes it makes more sense to handle a booking off of the site. Perhaps the client cannot make a full payment up front, or maybe you just have your own process and contract you like to use. In those cases, you can still come back to GigSalad, pay a small service fee, and mark that gig as booked to get all the benefits of a verified booking.


You can mark your past gigs as booked to have them count as a verified booking, and you can also mark future gigs as booked. However, before you mark a future gig as booked, be sure that all the details have been figured out and finalized with the client. You should only mark a gig as booked if you have actually booked that gig directly through whatever process you prefer to use. Once you mark a gig as booked, the client will see the status change on their side to "booked" for the amount you state, so be sure the information is accurate.

To mark a gig as booked:

Log in to your control panel and go to your Inbox.
Choose the lead that you booked off of the site.
Select the option at the top of the thread that says "I already booked this gig with the client directly." Then click Continue.
Enter the booking details (the total fee and deposit amount for the gig).*
The service fee for the gig will appear at the top of the credit card form. Enter your card information or use a saved card to submit payment for the booking.
Click Mark as Booked.

*Attention Canadian members: 

When marking gigs as booked, the service fee charge will always be in USD due to the payment processor used for these transactions. When entering the total fee for your gig, you will need to use the USD equivalent instead of the CAD amount in order to pay an accurate service fee. 

Service fee

Because these bookings aren't actually going through GigSalad from start to finish, the client isn't using the platform or paying their own service fee. That means we need to charge a slightly higher fee to mark the gig as booked. The percentage is calculated on a sliding scale offering a lower fee for larger bookings.

Free members

Paid members

The service fee for free members is approximately 6.5-10.5% of the total booking price, with a $10 minimum.

The service fee for paid members is approximately 4-8% of the total booking price, with a $10 minimum.

Benefits of verified bookings

When you mark a gig as booked it becomes a verified booking, which means you'll get the following benefits:

More leads. When clients submit general quote requests, GigSalad sends those to qualified members based on a variety of criteria. One is the number of verified bookings you have. 85% of the leads sent through GigSalad are sent as general requests, so it's very important to have verified bookings to increase your chances of being selected for those leads.

Verified reviews. We’ll email several reminders to your client requesting a review of your services after the event. Reviews associated with verified bookings are also verified and carry significantly greater weight in your overall rating.

Top Performer. Verified bookings are one of the criteria needed to achieve Top Performer status. Being a Top Performer not only looks good to clients, but it also improves your placement in search results.

Good karma. You got the gig, so showing love to GigSalad for delivering the lead will bring you good karma. ;)

Why we ask for pricing details

When you mark a gig as booked, you'll be asked to provide booking details like the total fee you charged and the deposit you required for the gig. It's very important that you provide accurate pricing information for a number of reasons: 

To calculate the booking fee. We use the total fee you provide plus your level of membership to calculate the service fee and mark the gig as booked. Because we delivered the lead, it's reasonable and fair for us to collect a modest but proportional fee for that paid gig. Paying booking fees also helps us stay in the business of getting you gigs! Plus, you know, karma. ;-)

To collect data. There are places on the site where we display average prices for various categories and locations. We calculate those averages using data from quotes sent through our site and final booking totals. Providing inaccurate prices could skew that data which hurts both event planners looking for the information and the vendors who may lose out on a gig opportunity because of it.

To prepare for future changes. In the near future, total booking dollars may affect your placement in search results. So those with more verified bookings and higher booking totals will get a bit more exposure. When this happens, we will take past booking totals into account so it's important to start building up those numbers now! 

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