How to manage the categories for your PromoKit

The categories you choose for your PromoKit determine which leads you get from potential clients. Finding the most applicable categories for your service is one of the most important things to do to succeed on GigSalad.

You can add or change categories at any time. Each PromoKit must have a main category, and then you are also allowed a certain number of additional categories, depending on your level of membership. The allowed number of categories for your PromoKit will be provided at the top of the Additional Categories page.

Adding categories

Log in to your control panel and go to Edit PromoKit.
Under Lead Preferences, choose Main Category or Additional Categories (either from the menu or by clicking Edit beside each section).
Choose a General Category (we organize categories into these larger genres to make it more manageable to browse).
Then choose a Specific Category. 
Click Add Category (or Save if you're changing your Main Category).
Repeat this process until you either hit your category limit or run out of applicable choices.

Suggested categories

You may see a list of Suggested Categories on your Additional Categories page. These are various options that may be related to the main category you've already chosen. You can use these as a starting point when adding more categories. Any that you want to have, just click the  (add) link beside the category name and you'll see it appear under your Added Categories list. 

To remove a category, go to your list of Added Categories and click (remove) beside the category you want to delete.

Helpful tips:
  • Don't add categories just to fill up your allowed number. Only choose those that genuinely match the services you provide. Inappropriate categories will only lead to receiving requests that you can't fulfill which doesn't help you or the event planners using the site.
  • Think like an event planner. Consider what they might be searching for and where you want to be sure you'll show up so they consider you for their event. But don't choose a service unless you actually provide it or something very similar to it.
  • Your main category is very important as it will appear at the top of your PromoKit and you'll get the most exposure in search results for that category. Take your time going through the category options to find the perfect fit.
  • Your main category does not need to be included in your additional categories as well. Instead, use that extra spot to add yourself to another applicable category!

Expired categories

Free members are only allowed one main category and one additional category. Therefore, if you cancel your paid membership, let it expire, and revert to a free listing, all but one of your additional categories will now show as expired. The only way to list yourselves in those categories again is to upgrade your membership.

Don't see the category you need?

Even with over 550 categories, not every possible service can be represented. Especially those that are more uncommon or a niche service. We try to only include categories that meet certain criteria. The most important thing is that we have enough members in our database that provide the service across the country so that the search results are populated no matter where the event planner is located. It's also important that the category is widely searched, not only on our site but on search engines as well. Adding pages to our site with limited content and searchability hurts our SEO, which hurts our members' chances of being found and booked.

If you don't see the category you need, it doesn't necessarily mean you can't use GigSalad to get gigs for that service. When an event planner comes to our site and searches for what they want, one of two things will happen. If their search matches an existing category, they'll be immediately taken to the results of profiles listed in that category. If their search does not match a category, our site will use the content within profiles (location, act name, overview, etc.) to provide relevant results. So, when you don't find the exact category you want, choose a more general one, and then be sure your profile accurately describes the specific thing you provide. Your Act Name is particularly important, so be sure the keyword you want to be found in is included there.

If you think a new category would meet our criteria to be added to the site, you are welcome to contact us with the recommendation. We are always happy to receive suggestions, and we'll consider each one. 

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