How to create more than one PromoKit

If you offer a variety of services or different acts, you may want to consider purchasing multiple PromoKits. This will allow you to create more targeted and service-specific profiles and increase your booking opportunities. 

Having just one PromoKit advertising vastly different services is not only difficult to manage but may also confuse potential clients. For example, say you're a musician, but you also offer photography services. Which should be represented in your profile photo? Having only one could then alienate buyers looking for the other service, thinking you've placed yourself in an incorrect category. In cases like this, you'll benefit greatly from having completely separate profiles for each. 

Multiple profiles vs. multiple locations

Having multiple profiles is most beneficial when you have different services that require unique content. If you intend to include the same content on all of your profiles and are just trying to increase your exposure in different locations, you'd be better served by purchasing multiple locations instead of new PromoKits. This will save you time and money because you'll only need to manage one profile, and locations are sold at a discounted price. Read more about buying locations

Creating multiple PromoKits

You may purchase as many PromoKits as you'd like! Because each new PromoKit has the full features of a paid membership, including unique content and extra exposure, there is no discount for creating additional PromoKits. The cost is the same as your initial PromoKit.

Note: You can only create multiple PromoKits if you have an existing paid membership. 

To buy a new PromoKit:
Log in to your current PromoKit control panel and go to your Account.
Select New PromoKit from the menu, or click Create a PromoKit on the Manage Membership page.
Choose a membership level.
Provide the requested info for your new PromoKit (be sure it's different than your previously created profiles) and enter your credit card information or use a saved card.
Click Add New PromoKit.

Once you've finished adding the new PromoKit, you can customize it and add more content from the control panel.

IMPORTANT: When you create multiple PromoKits, each profile should be completely unique. The profile picture, the act name, and the written content should all be different than any other existing PromoKits you've created. Having duplicate profiles hurts your and GigSalad's chances of appearing high in search engine results.

Switching between PromoKits

All of your PromoKits will be linked to the same account with a single login. To navigate between your PromoKits, click the dropdown arrow beside your name/profile photo in the top right (or in the Menu on mobile) and select Switch PromoKit. This will take you to a list of all profiles attached to your account. You can then choose the one you want to access.

If you created multiple PromoKits with different login information (meaning, instead of using the New PromoKit option on your Account page, you logged out and started from scratch through the Join page), then you must log out and log in to the other account to switch between PromoKits. If you'd like, we can easily link your accounts for you, so you don't have to do that. Just contact us with the login emails for all accounts and let us know which account you want to use as your only login.

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