Why you should book your gigs through GigSalad

Booking your gigs through the GigSalad platform offers a secure and worry-free experience for both you and your client, plus many other great benefits.

10 reasons to book on GigSalad:
  1. More leads
  2. Guaranteed balance payments & cancellation protection
  3. Fastest payout options
  4. Multiple payment methods for your client
  5. Verified reviews
  6. Recognition for Top Performers
  7. Superior protection
  8. Scam detection
  9. Advanced design
  10. Smooth workflow
  11. One-on-one support

More leads

Booking through GigSalad adds credibility to your service which leads to more gig opportunities. When we can actively see that you are booking gigs and collecting positive, verified reviews, we will send you more leads. Your booking activity weighs fairly high in our lead-distribution algorithm. The more you book, the more leads you'll get. It's that simple! Seeing verified bookings (and reviews) on your profile also looks great to potential clients.

Even when a client requests you through GigSalad but books you directly off the site, you can still mark that lead as booked to get credit for the booking. Just plug in the amount you earned and pay the associated service fees, and you'll get all the perks of a verified booking. The amount you contribute to GigSalad in service fees does play a role in our lead distribution, so always be sure the numbers you provide for your off-site bookings are accurate.

Guaranteed balance payments & cancellation protection

Your clients will pay deposits and balances in one easy payment at the time of booking. The deposit will be delivered to you in advance (the exact payout date is determined by your cancellation policy), and the balance will be sent 1-2 business days after the event. This simplified booking process creates a better experience for clients—which helps you get more gigs—and ensures you get your full payment as promised. No need to chase down money in advance or on the day of the event through a separate payment system. Let us take care of that, and you take care of rocking your gig!

With our customizable cancellation policies, you can protect yourself from client cancellations. You can choose how long before an event a client must cancel in order to receive a refund of the balance. If the client cancels outside of that cancellation window, GigSalad will still send you the balance payment. This way, if you lose a gig at the last minute, you can still get paid. Though be careful not to be too strict with your cancellation policy and scare off potential clients.

👉 Learn more about cancellation policies

Fastest payout options

Depending on the payout method you choose, you'll receive your payments quickly with no additional processing fees.* You may choose to receive funds by direct deposit, which offers the fastest payout in the industry, or by PayPal (U.S. only), where we cover the fees they charge when accepting money for goods and services.

*The only fee associated with booking through our site is the GigSalad service fee. For paid members, this fee is less than or equal to the standard fee associated with most credit card processors. 

Multiple payment methods for U.S. clients

When you submit a quote through GigSalad, clients will be presented with multiple options to make their payment and secure your services. If they are located in the U.S., they can pay via credit card or PayPal. PayPal offers both Pay Later and Credit options that make booking more affordable to clients because they can pay us upfront but then pay back PayPal in installments later. This is especially helpful for higher-dollar bookings.

Often when you book directly, you’re forced to use a payment processor that uses credit cards exclusively. Giving clients more options for payment could mean the difference in closing the gig!

Verified reviews

Collecting and displaying client feedback is easier than ever when you book through the GigSalad platform. We follow up with your client and ask for reviews on your behalf, freeing you to focus on booking your next gig.

Verified reviews carry a higher weight in your overall rating, so they can help you achieve and keep those 5 stars! 

👉 Learn more about verified reviews

Recognition for Top Performers

GigSalad recognizes members who actively book gigs through the site, respond quickly to clients, and receive positive reviews. Top Performers are assessed each month and those that meet the qualifications are identified with a Top Performer banner on their profile. Being a Top Performer increases your exposure and helps you stand out among the competition. This status can only be attained if we can verify it, so we make determinations based solely on your GigSalad activity. You may be getting a lot of work, but if you’re booking outside of our platform, you’re missing out on added benefits like our Top Performer status. 

👉 Learn more about how to become a Top Performer

Superior protection

We are committed to creating a safe community not only for our members but for your clients as well. That’s why we utilize the best security measures to keep personal information under lock and key. With top-of-the-line encryption, your sensitive data and banking info is safe, and we continuously monitor our system for potential threats.

With the ever-growing popularity of marketplaces and users' familiarity with online booking, clients expect an experience that’s consistent and secure. Asking them to contact you directly or leading them to book you in some other way can often cause alarm, or at the very least, confuse or inconvenience them. And if something goes wrong, we cannot mediate, reimburse funds, or resolve disputes that can arise. Booking on GigSalad ensures all of our users are safeguarded, so you can rest easy knowing we’re there every step of the way. 

Scam detection

Being booked by a scammer or someone using a fraudulent payment method can cause you a lot of stress. At the very least, your time is wasted and a potential booking is ruined. However, you also have to work with the payment processor and refund any money that was paid to you. The individuals who attempt scams on online marketplaces often try to pay directly to avoid websites' built-in security features. By booking your gigs through GigSalad, you can avoid the headache and stress of dealing with scammers and fraudsters.   

While it is possible to often identify spam or fraudulent leads, some scammers are tricky to spot. We have numerous security systems in place to detect fraudulent behavior and keep scammers from booking you. Additionally, we screen each payment made through GigSalad to ensure it is legitimate. In the event that a fraudulent payment method is used to finalize a booking, we catch and resolve these issues prior to sending the deposit. We handle working with the payment processor and refunding the money so that you can spend your time working with legitimate clients and getting booked. 

Advanced design with your clients in mind

Our platform is designed by a team of experts who understand the value of a sleek, mobile-friendly website. With an excellent framework for UX/UI, the booking process is streamlined, which helps new and seasoned event planners alike. Clients can receive quotes and messages directly to their inbox, confirm your services, and make secure payments all in one place. As with most things in life, the easier something is, the more likely people are to do it. So easy process = more bookings!

Smooth workflow

When you’re tasked with marketing your business, networking, negotiating, managing your finances,  and delivering your services, time is a precious commodity. Our booking platform helps you save time with automated processes so that you can focus on your talent. You can create multiple saved quotes and saved messages to choose from when responding to clients. These saved templates can be customized further before you send, but they give you something solid to work from, so you don't have to start from scratch each time. You can also maintain your GigSalad calendar to prevent leads for dates you are unavailable.

One-on-one support

Our Customer Happiness team is devoted to our community, so when you need us, we’ve got your back. Our platform keeps a record of your communication and booking details so we can promptly settle disputes and miscommunications. But if an issue arises with an outside booking, we’re unable to provide the same exceptional support. Booking through GigSalad ensures your gigs are secure and your clients’ events are successful!

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