Using GigSalad to book gigs

GigSalad is the best way to gain more exposure online, increase your gig opportunities, and get paid to do what you love. Our focus is on connecting event planners and talent buyers with the perfect performers and party pros for their events. 

How it works

GigSalad is more than a lead-generating service. We offer a full-service booking platform that allows you to accept leads, send quotes, message clients, book gigs, and collect payments all in one place. This not only makes it easy for you to manage your gigs but also gives your clients a convenient and secure way to book you for their events.

Step 1: Create a PromoKit

When you join GigSalad, you'll create a PromoKit. This is the profile displayed to event planners visiting the site. Your PromoKit is your chance to sell your services and set yourself apart from your competition.

Step 2: Get a lead

Event planners can browse the site, find your PromoKit, and request a quote directly. Or, they can submit a general request, and we'll send that lead to appropriate vendors for them. (Read more about how gig leads work.) We will notify you via email (and text, if you choose) when you get a new lead. From there, you can message the client and then send a quote so they can book you. 

Pro tip: After you've joined, be sure to save all of your lead preferences in your profile settings. This will help you get customized leads that better match your needs and requirements.  

Step 3: Send a quote

As soon as you're ready to commit to an event, you will send the client a quote through GigSalad. This quote is bookable, so be sure you're available and happy with the price you set before sending. Your quote will contain a description of the services you intend to provide, a cancellation policy, and any additional terms you wish to include. 

Step 4: Book the gig

We'll collect the full payment from the event planner at the time of booking. If you request a deposit, we will send you that payout prior to the event. We'll hold onto the balance and send it 1-2 business days after the event is completed. 

Step 5: Request a review

In the days following the event, GigSalad will follow up with your client for you to request a review. This review will be added to your PromoKit to help you get more leads and book more gigs!

Frequently asked questions:

  • What does GigSalad do to advertise the website and the vendors listed?

    We know how important it is to get our members the exposure they want and need. GigSalad appears at the top of many searches related to entertainment booking and event planning, so that is our primary source of traffic. We are constantly refining the site to ensure we're presenting the cleanest and easiest website for search engines to crawl and index so we improve and maintain our placement.

    In addition to focusing on SEO, we do various digital marketing, online and print advertising, trade shows/conferences, partnerships with notable companies, and event sponsorships.

  • Can I advertise on GigSalad?

    Aside from creating a PromoKit to advertise your act or service, we currently do not sell any other ad space on GigSalad. Purchasing a paid membership or buying additional locations are the best ways to increase the visibility of your PromoKit.

  • Is it worth it? Will I get gigs on GigSalad?

    On average, our paid members receive 19-27 leads per month. Turning those leads into bookings is largely up to you. If you put in the effort to create a great PromoKit and follow up with your leads promptly & professionally, the chances of being successful on GigSalad are great! 

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