How gig leads work

There are two ways that you might receive leads on GigSalad. Either the event planner will contact you directly, or they'll ask that GigSalad choose vendors for them.

Leads directly from event planner

When event planners come to GigSalad, they search for what they need, browse the profiles that come up near them, and then choose the one(s) they want to contact. When they click the button to contact you to get a free quote, that lead will go directly to you. These direct leads will be identified with a note at the bottom of the Event Info on your gig lead.


Just because you are contacted directly, does not necessarily mean you were the only one who received that lead. As event planners are browsing the site, they may "favorite" the profiles they are interested in (by clicking the heart symbol on each). Once they are ready to make contact, they can choose to send their request to all of their favorites at once. This is still considered a direct lead because they chose you specifically.

Even if the client didn't include you in a favorites list, it's also possible that the event planner has or plans to reach out to several other people. Or they may have GigSalad send their request to more acts (see below). It's good to keep this in mind and be sure to respond as quickly as possible.

Leads from GigSalad

Secondary leads are sent to you directly from GigSalad, rather than the event planner. GigSalad only distributes leads when the event planner requests it. They do this one of 2 ways: 

General request

Instead of contacting vendors directly, the event planner may choose to skip the search and send a general quote request. This means they will submit all of their event information and what category they are looking for, and GigSalad will send their request to the most appropriate vendors for them.

Contact others

When an event planner contacts someone directly, they will be asked if they'd like to get quotes from similar GigSalad professionals. 

One option will always be selected by default, which is determined by your level of membership and/or your booking activity. For free members and any paid member who hasn't booked a gig through the GigSalad platform in the last 60 days, the "Yes, up to 5 additional quotes" will be selected by default. For paid members who have booked at least 1 gig in the last 60 days, "Not at this time" will be selected by default. Regardless of what is selected by default, the event planner can change it to the option that's best for them.

Leads from GigSalad can be identified by the absence of a note at the bottom of the Event Info. You'll either see a note saying you received the lead directly, or there will not be a note and you'll know that it's a secondary lead. While this does give you some idea of the client's interest, secondary leads should still be treated with the same attention and urgency as a direct lead. The direct contact may not be available or interested in the gig, or they didn't contact anyone directly and just submitted the general request. Jump on each lead quickly so you can increase your chances of booking the gig!

Distributing leads

When the event planner sends a general request or chooses to have their request sent to additional vendors, GigSalad uses an algorithm that sorts options using various factors and criteria in order to find the most appropriate results. Similar to the search results on the front-end of the site, category match and proximity to the event location play the biggest role in selection.

In addition, there are several other factors that play a part in distribution that are not used in normal search result placement. Those that are active on GigSalad and read and respond to leads are more likely to receive secondary leads. It is not helpful to an event planner to have their request sent to people who are not going to read it or send them a quote. Other things that play a smaller role, but are still considered, include the number of other requests you've received for that same event date, how complete your PromoKit is, and your star rating.

Automated vs. hand-selected

Currently, the distribution process is semi-automated. If a request is simple enough it can be distributed automatically. It will be sent right away to the top 5-10 options (depending on which amount the event planner chose). If a request is more complex, it requires a human to read and analyze the event details and make thoughtful decisions which go beyond our algorithms. Thus, these requests are distributed by a member of the GigSalad team.

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