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Having a profile on GigSalad is a great way to increase your web exposure and book more gigs. When people search online for entertainment and event services, they will very likely see GigSalad at the top of the results, or close to it. If you're on GigSalad, when they find us, they'll find you! Joining is quick and easy, and the best part? You can try it for FREE!

Create an account

To get started, go to List your services at the top of the page or from the main menu on mobile. Fill in your service category and location, then click Start Getting Gigs.

You'll be asked to choose a method for signing up. You can set up your account through Facebook, which will then link your GigSalad account to your Facebook account. This will make it easier to log in in the future. Or, you can choose the traditional route to provide an email address and create a password.

Next, you'll follow a step-by-step process to create your PromoKit (what we call your GigSalad profile) and finish setting up your account. 

  1. Name: Your first and last names are collected for internal use only. They will not be displayed on your PromoKit or given to clients unless you choose to provide that information.
  2. Category: Your category determines how you are found by event planners browsing the site. We have over 500 categories on our site, so they are broken down into bigger parent categories to make them easier to browse.

    Choose the most relevant general category for your act or service, then find the specific category you want. This will be your main category, which means it will be displayed at the top of your PromoKit and will play a bigger role in your placement in search results. Once your account is created, you'll be able to change this category and add secondary categories.

  3. Act or service name: This will be the title of your PromoKit, which will be used in all communication and final booking agreements with clients. It should be short and accurately describe your act or business. You will not be able to change this once you've completed your account without contacting us. Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing your act name. 
  4. Location: Your location can be the city you live in or a larger city close by if you want to be more prominent in that market. You can change this at any time. Your location determines where you appear in search results and what leads are sent to you, so choose wisely.
  5. Profile photo: Every PromoKit must have a profile photo to act as the face of your business, which will appear in search results and communications with your clients. This is your first impression with potential clients! Choose a high-quality image that works in both square and circle format (you'll be able to crop the portion of the photo you wish to use). Your profile photo cannot include text, contact info, or web links.
  6. Service overview: This is where you can briefly describe what you do and why event planners should book you. This section can be up to 700 characters long, and you can change or add to it whenever you like. Your overview should not include any web links or direct contact info.
  7. Phone number: You must provide (and maintain) a working phone number on your account. This information isn't displayed on your PromoKit, but it will be provided to your clients after they've booked you for their event. And GigSalad may use it to contact you when needed.
  8. Choose your membership: To finish creating your account, choose a membership plan!

Once you've finished creating your account, your PromoKit will be active on the site. 

You're not done yet, though! The signup process only collected the most basic information for your profile, so there is more you can and should do. Spend some time going through the Edit PromoKit section of your control panel and add all the relevant information to your act. It's especially important to add photos and videos showing off what you can do! You'll also want to request reviews from some of your past clients. The more thorough your profile is, the more professional you'll look to potential clients. 

We have two paid membership levels you can choose from. The Featured membership will give you the most exposure and gig opportunities, so it's the most popular choice. You can compare the features of each before choosing. If you're not quite ready to jump in with a paid membership, we have a free option with limited features for trying GigSalad out.


The price varies based on the membership term you choose. The longer you choose, the better the value.

Pro: $139 for 3 months  /  $229 for 6 months  /  $359 for 1 year

Featured: $169 for 3 months  /  $289 for 6 months  / $479 for 1 year

Special offer!! We currently offer first-time members 50% off any membership. The discount will be applied at checkout and only applies to your first payment.

All membership payments are paid upfront and set to auto-renew at the end of each membership term. So, if you choose a 6-month membership, your card will be charged every 6 months until you cancel auto-renewal. If a discount is used at the time of joining, your membership will auto-renew at full price.

While the 12-month membership option is the best value, the 3-month option is a great way to test out the service and ensure you like it before committing to a longer term. You can switch to a 6 or 12-month term at any time.


All memberships are purchased using a credit or debit card through the secure payment form provided on the site. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover, and American Express.

Frequently asked questions:

  • Is there a free membership option?

    Yes! You can join for free to try a limited membership before you upgrade. And if you do try a paid membership and find it doesn't quite work for you at the price you paid, you can let the membership expire and remain on the site with a limited free listing. Free listings get fewer leads, have limited features, offer less exposure, and pay a higher booking fee.

  • Can I pay by the month instead of prepaying?

    We no longer offer a monthly membership option. If you'd like to test the waters a little without committing to a long-term membership, we recommend our 3-month plan. Our research shows that 3 months is the perfect amount of time to really get a feel for our site and see a return on your investment. While our memberships are all set to auto-renew, you can cancel anytime if you don’t wish to continue with a paid membership.

  • Can I have more than one profile?

    You may purchase as many profiles as you'd like as long as each one is unique! We do not allow duplicate profiles. If you provide a variety of services and you'd rather advertise them separately, multiple PromoKits are a great idea. Get started by completing your first one, and then once you're done you can go to your Account and create a new PromoKit from there. Learn more about multiple PromoKits. You cannot have more than one free or expired profile.

    If you don't have multiple different services, but would like to increase your exposure, you can purchase additional locations instead to have your profile show up in other cities. Learn more about multiple locations.

  • Are there any fees for responding to leads and/or booking gigs?

    Responding to leads is completely free! We encourage you to respond to every lead, whether it's with a message, quote, or simply to decline the event.

    We do have a small service fee that is charged when (and only when) you book the gig.

  • Can I get a refund if I no longer wish to use GigSalad?

    If you aren't getting what you wanted out of your membership, we want to help you figure out why that is. We can't promise a refund in every case, but we'll happily go over your profile with you to see if there's something we can recommend to turn things around. We understand that sometimes things just aren't a good fit, so we will be happy to issue refunds on a case-by-case basis. Just reach out to us so we can talk!

    If you are not able to accept leads or book gigs temporarily, contact us and we can freeze your account so that you can resume your membership at a later date and use your remaining time then.

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