Booking requirement for free members

We are happy to allow members to try GigSalad for free or keep a free limited listing if a paid membership lapses. However, we do require that free and expired members pay a fee for each gig booked from a lead received through our platform. These are leads that you would not have received otherwise so it's fair that we would collect a service fee when they result in a booking, especially since it's in lieu of a membership fee.

There are a few ways that you can officially book your leads through our website and pay the fee, and there are also a number of benefits to doing so.

Benefits of booking onsite 

Booking your gigs through our website increases your chances for more leads and future gigs on GigSalad among other benefits like guaranteed payments, scam detection, and fast payout options. 

85% of the leads on GigSalad are sent as general requests, which are distributed via our syndication process. To decide which vendors receive these leads, we take into account a number of things, including verified bookings and verified reviews. Verified bookings and reviews can only be acquired from booking through the platform or marking gigs as booked. 

We also designate members who have met certain criteria, such as verified bookings, with Top Performer status. Receiving Top Performer status provides you with higher priority in the search results and a badge on your profile that will set you apart from your competition.  

How to verify your bookings

The best way to get verified bookings is by sending a quote through the site for the client to accept. They'll pay the full booking amount at that time and we'll pass it on to you in two payments (deposit & balance). Our service fee will be automatically deducted from those payments.

If you have a client that isn't able to pay through the site for whatever reason, your other option is to collect it directly and then return to GigSalad to mark that lead as booked. To do that, you'll be required to pay a bit higher service fee (covering both your and the client's fee). 

To send a quote:

Log in to your control panel and go to your  Inbox.
Select the potential client you want to contact.
Click on "Send [client's name] a quote." 
Enter all the necessary quote information and terms.

Click Send.

To mark a gig as booked:

Log in to your control panel and go to your Inbox.
Choose the lead that you booked off-site.
Select the option at the top of the thread that says "I already booked this gig with the client directly" and click Continue.
Enter the booking details (the total fee and deposit you collected directly for the gig).
The service fee for the gig will appear at the top of the credit card form – enter your card information or use a saved card to submit payment for the booking.
Click Mark as Booked.

Read more about marking gigs as booked.

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