How verified reviews affect your PromoKit

While any client you work with can leave a review on your GigSalad profile, only those from bookings that are confirmed through our site will be considered a verified review.

These reviews will be identified by a "Verified Review" label on your profile. This is a helpful distinction for potential clients, as the verification may put more importance on the review for them. A verified review, just like on any other website, confirms that the 'product' was actually purchased on the website, and the feedback is less likely to have been fabricated.

Here's how verified reviews differ from other reviews:

Sorting priority

Any verified review received in the last 90 days will appear at the top of your reviews list, with the most recent first. All older reviews, verified or not, will be sorted by recency only.

Higher weight

While unverified reviews will still contribute to your overall star rating, verified reviews carry more weight. The specific weight will be algorithmically calculated based on how recently the review was received, with more recent verified reviews carrying a higher weight. 

Easier to collect

Because verified reviews are tied to bookings on our site, we handle the process of collecting the reviews for you. In the days following the event, we'll send multiple emails to the event planner to request they submit a review. Not only does this make the process of collecting reviews easier for you, but it's also easier for the event planner to leave the review because we already have a lot of their details. They just need to write the review and click submit!

Want more verified reviews?

The best way to get more verified reviews is to simply book more gigs through GigSalad. There are several ways to increase your booking numbers: 

  1. Book on the site. Booking through the GigSalad platform not only provides a secure and worry-free experience for your client but also gives you great benefits like more leads, guaranteed payments, and of course, verified reviews.
  2. Mark leads as booked. If you take a lead off the site and book it directly, go back to your inbox and mark the gig as booked so it'll count as a verified booking. We'll email you when you get a new review linked to a lead that wasn't booked through the site so you can mark it as booked.
  3. Import leads from outside of GigSalad. If a client contacts you by phone or through another source, you can import that lead by sending them a quote through GigSalad so they can book you on our platform.

Bonus tip: When looking at past booked gigs in your inbox, if a review is present, there will be stars above the booked status. If you have gigs without reviews, you can try following up with that client personally to ask for their feedback. 

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