How to identify & flag spam or fraudulent leads

The vast majority of gig leads on GigSalad are from legitimate and honest event planners. However, as it is with most websites, bad apples can slip through from time to time.

Use extra caution when dealing with any of the following:

  • Requests made that do not apply to the services you offer or event services at all.
  • Messages from event planners outside North America.
  • Messages with exceptionally poor grammar.
  • Event planners who ask to pay you upfront with a large amount and request a check from you for the difference (this is a BIG red flag - you should never pay money to a client for a gig).
  • Inquiries with an invalid phone number. A simple test is to call the phone number if provided. If it’s a generic answering system, a disconnected number, or a wrong number, be VERY cautious.

    (Note: Having no number at all does not mean you need to be cautious of that lead, it's simply an indication of the client's communication preferences.)

Flagging leads & messages

If you believe that a lead or message you have received is spam or fraudulent, you should flag it so we can look into it further. 

To do this:

Log in to your control panel and go to your Inbox.
Choose the lead which contains the spam.
Below the lead details (or message), click the small flag icon.
Choose the reason for reporting the message/lead.
Click Send Report.

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