Managing your calendar

The built-in calendar feature on GigSalad provides a convenient way to stay organized, block out unavailability, and display future and past events to potential clients.  


To manage and view your calendar, log in to your control panel and choose Calendar from the main menu.

Add new events

When a client books you through GigSalad or when you mark a gig as booked, the event will automatically be added to your calendar. However, events for gigs booked outside of GigSalad can also be added to your calendar so you can see all of your bookings in one place. 

Use the arrows at the top left above the calendar to select the month. 
Click on the white space for the specific day,r click and drag to select multiple days at once
Select "Add a new event"   

Enter the event title, client's name (optional), dates, and start and end times, or choose All-day event if you want to cover all 24 hours

Choose whether or not you want to block leads that conflict with this event - you can use your default setting or specify a unique setting
Click Add to <date> to just add the single event, or click Add to multiple dates... if the event will recur on other dates and select all applicable dates

NoteThe client's name will not be displayed publicly. This is only included to help you easily distinguish between events. 

In addition to manually adding events, you can also sync with external calendars.

Add unavailability

If you are unavailable on certain days of the week, are going on vacation, or will otherwise be unable to perform, you may completely block out specific dates and times by adding your unavailability to the calendar. When sending leads at a client's request, we will not send you leads for events on dates and times you've marked as unavailable. However, it's possible that you will still receive direct leads.

Individual dates and times

To add unavailability to a specific date or time:


Use the arrows at the top left above the calendar to select the month    


Click on the white space for the specific day, or click and drag to select multiple days at once

Select "Add unavailability"
Enter a title (optional), the dates, and the start and end times, or choose  All-day event if you want to cover all 24 hours

Click  Add to <date> to just add the unavailability to that date, or click Add to multiple dates... if you want to duplicate the unavailability across multiple dates       

You will also be presented with the option to add unavailability when declining leads. When you decline a lead due to unavailability, check the box next to "Don't send me other leads for this time" to block leads that overlap with that date and time. When you check or uncheck this box, the setting will be saved as your default for all future declined gigs.

General availability

You can also select general availability for your calendar that will affect when you receive leads on a weekly basis.

For example, if you work a Monday through Friday 9-to-5 job, you can select that you're only available for gigs from 5:00 pm to midnight on weekdays, and all day on weekends. This will prevent you from receiving leads for events that take place before 5 pm on weekdays.

Unless you change it, your general availability will default to available all day, every day.

To change your general availability: 


Go to your calendar and select Calendar Options from the menu


Under General Availability, check the box beside each day you are available for gigs

Then, select the time range that you are available on each of those days - if you are available all day, you'll keep the 12:00 am to midnight setting
Click Save general availability    

Note: Your unavailability will not be included in your public calendar list. It will only be listed on your private calendar and will be used internally to prevent you from receiving unwanted leads.

Block leads

You may choose to block leads for events that conflict with dates and times already on your calendar. Your account has a default setting that will be applied to all existing calendar entries using the default, as well as any gigs booked through GigSalad that are auto-added to your calendar and synced events from an external calendar. You can adjust your default at any time, or you can specify a unique setting per event when adding or editing a calendar entry. Please note that this blocking feature only affects leads sent to you by GigSalad. You may still receive direct leads from clients that conflict with your calendar.

Default setting

Your default setting will be set to Yes, block leads unless you change it. To change your default setting, go to your calendar and select Calendar Options from the menu, then scroll down to Default Lead Blocking Preference.

Changing your default setting will change your preference on every existing calendar entry that is using your default. And then all future added events will use your new default. 

You can also view and access your default setting when editing or adding a new event on your calendar. From there, you can click default setting to see what your current setting is and click Change default to choose a different default.

Sync with external calendars

If you have a different primary calendar you use to keep up with your gigs and availability, you may be able to sync that calendar with your GigSalad calendar. At this time, we support syncing with Google and iCloud calendars.

Synced events from your external calendar do  not appear on your public profile. However, we will use them to determine your availability for leads. When you sync a calendar, we'll use your default lead blocking preference to determine whether or not to block leads for events that conflict with your synced events. You can change your default at any time and you can also adjust the setting per each event. To do that, click on the synced event on your GigSalad calendar and where it asks "Block leads for other events at this time?" select Use a specific setting for this event.  

To sync with an external calendar:

Log in and go to your Calendar
Choose Sync an External Calendar from the menu
Click Connect a Google Calendar or Connect an iCloud Calendar, then follow the prompts provided

You can also sync your GigSalad calendar with external calendars through an iCal feed. Doing so will automatically add your GigSalad bookings to those calendars. Learn more.

View potential conflicts

One benefit of keeping your GigSalad calendar up to date is so we can show you potential conflicts when you get a new lead. When you open a lead, if your calendar contains any events that conflict with the new event, they will be displayed in the Event Info section of the lead, below the date and time. Just click "View potential conflicts" to see which events you already have on your calendar.

Hide calendar

By default, the events on your calendar are displayed publicly in a list on your profile so that potential clients may view your availability or public performances. However, you can completely hide the calendar from your profile. You will still be able to use the calendar for blocking out dates and keeping track of potential conflicts. 

To hide your calendar:

Log in and go to your Calendar
Choose Calendar Options from the menu
Scroll to the section titled  Hide the calendar from your public profile?
Check the box that says "Hide the calendar from my pubic profile"
Click Save calendar visibility
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