Managing your calendar

The GigSalad calendar provides a convenient way to stay organized, block leads, see scheduling conflicts, and display future and past events to potential clients.  

To manage and view your calendar, log in to your control panel and choose Calendar from the main menu.

Understanding your calendar

Your calendar operates similarly to other calendar programs you may already be familiar with. But just in case, here's a quick overview. 

Navigating: Use the left and right arrows above the calendar to navigate between months, weeks, or days. You can click the Today button at any time to return to the current date on the calendar.

Views: You can choose to view your calendar by month for a quick snapshot of your events, or you can narrow it down by week or day to see an hourly breakdown. You can also view all events as a list.

Color key: Your events will be color-coded to help you easily identify the type of calendar entry. In addition to the color, your entries will either be solid or striped to signify if conflicting leads are blocked for that date/time. You'll find the color key below the calendar for easy reference.

Add new events

When a client books you through GigSalad or when you mark a gig as booked, the event will be automatically added to your calendar. However, events for gigs booked outside of GigSalad can also be added to your calendar manually so you can see all of your bookings in one place. 

To add a new event to your calendar:
Use the left and right arrows above the calendar to go to the correct month, week, or day (depending on your preferred view).   
Click in the white space of the specific date or time you want to add to (or click and drag to make multiple selections).   
Select the "Add a new event" option.

Enter the event title, client's name (optional), dates, and start and end times, or choose All-day event if you want to cover all 24 hours.

Note: The client's name will not be displayed publicly. This is only included to help you more easily distinguish between events. 

Choose if you want to block leads that conflict with this event – you can use your default setting or use a custom setting for just that event.
Click Add to <date> to create a single event, or  Add to multiple dates to create a repeating event.

Manual entries will appear on your calendar in green. The colored background will include diagonal stripes if conflicting leads will be blocked for that date and time.

In addition to manually adding events, you can also sync with external calendars.

Add unavailability

If you are going on vacation, have a personal engagement, or will otherwise be unable to perform, you may block out specific dates and times by adding your unavailability to the calendar. 

To add unavailability to your calendar:

Use the left and right arrows above the calendar to go to the correct month, week, or day (depending on your preferred view).     


Click in the white space of the specific date or time you want to add to (or click and drag to make multiple selections).

Select the "Add unavailability" option.
Enter a title (optional), the dates, and the start and end times, or choose  All-day event if you want to cover all 24 hours.   

Click Add to <date> to add one day of unavailability, or Add to multiple dates to add repeating unavailability.         

Unavailable entries will appear on your calendar in red. Conflicting leads will always be blocked for dates and times marked as unavailable.

In addition to adding unavailability to specific dates to block leads, you can also adjust your general availability.

Add unavailability when declining leads

When you decline a lead because you're not available, check the box next to "Don't send me other leads for this time" to mark that date and time as unavailable on your calendar and block other conflicting leads. When you check or uncheck this box, the setting will be saved as your default for all future declined gigs.

About blocking leads:

Blocking leads only applies to leads sent to you by GigSalad. You may still receive direct leads from clients that conflict with your calendar, even if you've blocked that specific date or time or marked it as unavailable.

View potential conflicts

Even if you don't use your calendar to block leads, it can be really beneficial to keep it updated so we can show you any potential conflicts you might have with a requested event date and time.

When a lead comes through that wasn't blocked but does conflict with an entry on your calendar, you'll be able to view those conflicts within the Event Info of your lead. 

Hide calendar

By default, the events on your calendar are displayed publicly in a list on your profile so potential clients may view your availability or public performances. However, you may completely hide the calendar from your profile if you choose. You will still be able to use the calendar for blocking out dates and keeping track of potential conflicts. 

Note: Only bookings and manually added events will be displayed publicly. Unavailability and synced events will not be visible.

To hide your calendar:
Log in and go to your Calendar.
Choose Calendar Options from the menu.
Scroll down to find the section titled Hide the calendar from your public profile?
Check the "Hide the calendar from my pubic profile" box.
Click Save calendar visibility.

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