Membership pricing

Being a member of GigSalad is a great way to get more gig opportunities and expand your business. The level of membership you choose will determine how much exposure you get and which features you can access.

Paid memberships

There are two paid levels of membership and three different payment options. Learn more about the paid levels.

Pro membership

Featured membership

3 months $139  $169 
6 months $229 — save 29% $289 — save 16%
12 months $359 — save 43% $479 — save 34%

Your membership must be purchased with a valid debit or credit card. This card will be stored and used for all recurring payments. All memberships are subscription-based and will auto-renew at the interval you choose (3, 6, or 12 months) upon joining or upgrading. You can cancel auto-renewal at any time.


We offer a 50% discount on the first membership payment for new members that have never had a membership before. This allows you to try the site and see if it works for you without paying so much upfront. We also periodically run sales with various discounts on upgrades and renewals. Be sure you're opted in to receive email notifications for special offers from GigSalad so you don't miss those deals!

When you use a coupon to purchase, upgrade, or renew a membership, the discount only applies to the first membership payment. All recurring payments will be at full price.

Free memberships

We do have free memberships, but they are not available to everyone. You can get a free membership one of two ways:

1. If you are in a select market with less supply and demand for the service you provide, you may be able to join for free. To see if you qualify, begin the signup process. When you reach the final steps and are presented with your membership choices, you'll see a free option included if you meet the criteria. 

2. If you try a paid membership, then cancel and let your membership expire, you will revert to a free membership with limited features and capabilities.


With a free membership, you won't have access to any of the paid features, you'll get less exposure and fewer leads, and you'll pay a higher service fee on bookings. As a free member, because you are not paying a membership fee, you are required to pay a service fee for each gig you book from a lead received on GigSalad. You can do this by using our booking platform or by marking gigs as booked and just paying the service fees.

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