Adding recurring events to your calendar

When you're adding new events or unavailability to your calendar, you will have the option to either add them to that single date or to multiple dates at once. You'll only want to use this option if all the details of the event are the same across each date you add it to.

Perhaps you have a weekly Friday night gig, or your child has a few soccer games throughout the next month. You can put those in your calendar with just a few clicks to block conflicting leads or see those dates as potential conflicts.

How to add to multiple dates

Adding repeating events begins the same way as adding any new event or unavailability to your calendar. 

First, log in to the control panel and go to your Calendar. Find the date or time the first event occurs and click in the white space on the calendar. Fill in the event details and click Add to multiple dates.

From there, you have two options — add the event to other specific dates on the calendar or choose which days of the week it repeats.

Add to specific dates

If you choose "Add to multiple specific dates," a calendar will appear. Scroll through and choose every date your event happens on. When you click Apply, the event will be added to all the selected dates on your calendar.

When you add events to multiple specific dates, it will create individual calendar entries on the selected dates with the same event details for each. After they're created, you can then go to each individually to make edits if needed.

Add to days of the week

If you choose "Add to repeating days of the week," it will create a repeating series in the calendar on the weekdays you select. The weekday of the original date you selected from the calendar will be checked by default, but you can change it if needed.

Then, specify when the event should stop repeating. "Never" will be selected by default, which means your event will repeat indefinitely. Or, you can select a specific date to end on. When you click Apply, the event will be added to every weekday you selected. 

Repeating weekly events will appear in pink on your calendar so they can be easily recognized as part of a series.

Editing or deleting weekly events

All the details of your weekly event will be the same for each entry in the series. To make any changes, find and click on the first date that needs to be edited or deleted. Once you click Update or Delete, you'll be asked if you'd like to apply the change to only the event you are on, that event and all future events in the series, or all events in the series (past and future). 

When you make a change to a single event, it will remove that event from the repeating series, and it will appear as a regular manual entry (in green) on your calendar instead.

Note: At this time, you cannot edit the start and end times for repeating weekly events. We may change this in the future, but for now, if you need to change the time on a single event or the whole series, you'll need to delete it and create a new event or series.

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