Syncing with an external calendar

If you have a different primary calendar you use to keep up with your gigs and availability, you may be able to sync with it to add the items from that calendar to your GigSalad calendar. At this time, we support syncing with Google and iCloud calendars.

To sync with an external calendar:

Log in and go to your Calendar.
Choose Sync an External Calendar from the menu.
Click Connect a Google Calendar or Connect an iCloud Calendar, then follow the prompts provided.

Synced events will appear on your GigSalad calendar in yellow. They will not appear on your public profile.

Blocking leads

When you sync an external calendar, we will use your default lead blocking preference to determine if we should block leads for events that conflict with your calendar. You can change your default at any time and/or adjust the setting per event.

To edit your lead blocking preference on a specific synced event, find it on your GigSalad calendar and click to edit. Where it asks "Block leads for other events at this time?" select Use a specific setting for this event. Make your selection and click Update event.

Lead blocking only applies to leads sent to you by GigSalad. You may still receive leads directly from clients that conflict with your calendar.

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