How clients pay deposits & balances

When a client books you through GigSalad, they will pay the full bill at the time of booking. This means your deposit and balance are collected in one payment. The deposit will be sent to you in advance while the balance is sent one or two business days after the event. The exact time frames for payments will vary depending on the payout method you chose.

Booking process

Clients will have the option to pay only after you send an official quote. To send a quote, click on "Send [client's name] a quote" at the top of the lead and fill out the form. You will be asked to enter your total fee and the deposit you'd like to receive in advance, along with the services to be provided, your cancellation policy, and any additional terms.

When you send a quote, the client will be notified by email and text (if opted in) where they will be taken to the message thread to review your price and terms. To complete the booking, clients must click the blue Book Now button and choose their payment method.

Payment methods

On the checkout page, clients can choose between three possible payment options: credit card, eCheck, or PayPal Credit. Not every client will see all three options – it will depend on their location, the booking amount, and the date of the event.

Note: We are currently A/B testing an additional option for U.S. residents to pay using their regular PayPal account. If providing such an option increases bookings for our members, we will launch it for all U.S. event planners.

Limitations of eCheck payments

Electronic checks are a great alternative for companies or organizations that do not have a credit card or are required to make their purchases with a check. However, due to the unique processing, there are a few limitations.

Booking amount: We can only process eCheck payments for up to approximately $4,000. If your quote is over this amount, the client must pay with a credit card. If a credit card is not an option, you may arrange payment directly and mark it as booked afterward to pay the service fee and receive all of the benefits of a verified booking.     
Processing time: It takes 3-5 business days for an eCheck to clear. Your payment will not be sent to you until the payment clears so you can expect a slight delay for your deposit payment beyond the standard payout time frames. If a client pays with an eCheck, a notification will be displayed in the booking confirmation email so you are aware of the delay.
If an eCheck  does not clear, the booking will be canceled. At that time, the client will be sent a new quote on your behalf, identical to the one that was originally booked, so they can book again with a new payment method. 
Last-minute events: If the event is less than 14 days away, clients will not be able to pay with an eCheck due to the processing time mentioned above. We must allow enough time for the payment to clear before the event takes place.
Canadian users: Unfortunately, users in Canada will not be able to pay with an eCheck. The eCheck transactions are processed through a United States-based network (ACH) that is unavailable in Canada.

About PayPal Credit

Clients may choose to open a line of credit through PayPal in order to pay for the booking in more affordable installments. These payments are interest-free if paid within 6 months, so it’s a great option for your clients, especially for higher-dollar bookings. Learn more about PayPal Credit.

From GigSalad and the vendor’s perspective, this method looks exactly like any credit card payment. GigSalad still receives the full amount upfront from PayPal which is then sent to you in two payouts (deposit and balance). So your payment is still guaranteed even if they choose PayPal Credit instead of a credit card.

Limitations: PayPal Credit is only available to event planners in the U.S. and for bookings over $99.

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