How clients pay deposits & balances

When a client books you through GigSalad, they will pay the full bill at the time of booking. This means your deposit and balance are collected in one payment. The deposit will be sent to you in advance, while the balance is sent one or two business days after the event. The exact time frames for payments will vary depending on the payout method you choose.

Booking process

Clients will have the option to pay only after you send an official quote. To send a quote, click on "Send [client's name] a quote" at the top of the lead and fill out the form. You will be asked to enter your total fee and the deposit you'd like to receive in advance, along with the services to be provided, your cancellation policy, and any additional terms.

When you send a quote, the client will be notified by email and text (if opted in), where they will be taken to the message thread to review your price and terms. To complete the booking, clients must click the blue Book Now button and choose their payment method.

Payment methods

On the checkout page, U.S. clients can pay with a credit card or through PayPal. Canadian clients can only use a credit card.

Credit card payments

Every client will have the option to pay for their booking with a credit card. This is the most common payment method.

PayPal payments

PayPal is available to all U.S. members only. If a client chooses this option, they will be prompted to log into their PayPal account or pay securely with a credit card through the PayPal payment portal. They can choose to pay the full amount right away or use the PayPal Pay Later feature.

For bookings over $99, the client will also have the option to use PayPal Credit, which lets them open a line of credit through PayPal and make interest-free payments over 6 months.

Regardless of how the client uses PayPal, it is treated exactly like a credit card payment on GigSalad's side. We receive the full amount up front, which is distributed in two payouts (deposit and balance). So your payment is always guaranteed!

Note: If your client cannot use one of these payment methods, please have them contact us to discuss other options.

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