Booking in Canadian dollars

If you are located in Canada, you can send quotes and book gigs in Canadian dollars. 

Sending quotes

Your profile location will determine what currency is used when sending new quotes, regardless of the event location. For example, if you, the provider, are located in Canada, but the event is in the U.S., the quote will be sent and booked in CAD. If you are located in the United States but the event is in Canada, the quote will be sent and booked in USD.

When building a quote or viewing your inbox, booking threads, agreements, or confirmation emails, all prices will have a CAD or USD to indicate which currency is being used for that particular event if either party is located in Canada. Your clients will see the same indicators on their side.

Booking payouts

Because GigSalad operates in the United States, we've encountered issues with sending payments outside of the country via PayPal, so we cannot offer that as a payout option. However, Canadian members may receive payments via direct deposit, and you may still choose to receive a check by mail. If you would like to receive your deposit and balance payments as quickly as possible, be sure to update your payout information to direct deposit. The timeframe for receiving checks and direct deposits is the same for CAD payouts as USD payouts.

Membership payments

All membership payments (signups, renewals, upgrades, location purchases, etc.) will still be charged in US Dollars. Only booking payments will be processed in CAD. We may begin accommodating membership purchases in CAD at some point down the road, but we don't know when exactly. We'll let our members know if and when we make that change.

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