How to change the travel distance on your PromoKit

Your travel distance will affect the leads you receive and determine the exposure your PromoKit gets in search results. You should only choose a distance that is feasible for the service you offer. 

To edit your travel distance:

Log in to your control panel and go to Edit PromoKit.
Below General Info in the menu, select Travel Distance.
Choose one of the options provided in the drop-down menu, or you can select Custom and enter a more specific travel range.
Click Save.

Nationwide travel

Pro & Featured members may choose to set their travel distance to Nationwide. (All other members are limited to 200 miles.) You should only choose nationwide, or any other large travel radius, if you are genuinely open to traveling that far for a gig. Setting a distance that's further than you're likely to travel will result in having to decline leads, which isn't helpful to you or the event planners. Be honest and accurate.

Pro tip: If you require clients to pay a travel fee in order to travel beyond a certain distance, you should include these details somewhere within your PromoKit. Perhaps with your overview or fee range.

Out-of-country leads

GigSalad operates in both the United States and Canada, which means clients can search and request quotes from either country. If you do not wish to receive leads outside of your country, you may adjust that setting right below your travel distance selection. 

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