How to get a 100% complete PromoKit

Having a complete PromoKit is one of the most important things you can do to improve your chance of receiving leads and ultimately getting booked. On the Dashboard in your control panel, you'll see a percentage displayed on your profile photo. This number indicates how complete your profile is and how much you might be missing.

Obviously, getting to 100% is great, but some features simply won't apply to you. Complete all features appropriate for your act or service to get the highest percentage possible and your PromoKit should still be successful, even if it's not a full 100%.

Completed features

You can easily see which features you've completed and which you haven't by logging into your control panel and going to your Edit PromoKit page. (Tip: While our site is mobile-friendly, reviewing your PromoKit completion will be easier on a desktop computer.) 

Use the menu on the left to navigate through each feature. Items you've already completed will have a green checkmark, and those you have not completed will have an exclamation mark in a yellow triangle.

Not all features will apply to every type of service. For some features, you will have the option of selecting "This doesn’t apply to my act/service," which will mark that feature as complete.

👉 Pro tip: Adding more photos, videos, and audio samples will not necessarily increase your completion percentage. Just simply having something there is what counts, so don't overdo it in those areas in an attempt to get 100%. Having too much media may overwhelm potential clients. Only add some of your very best!

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