How to book a vendor on GigSalad

Once you've searched GigSalad, contacted vendors and gotten a quote that you're happy with, it's time to complete your booking.

To proceed with booking:

Log in to your account and go to your Inbox.
Click on the vendor/quote you want to book.
Below the quote details, click the Book Now button to proceed to the checkout page. (If you aren't seeing a "Book Now" button, the quote may be expired or outdated.)
Review all the booking details (pricing breakdown, services to be provided, additional terms, and cancellation policy). 
If everything looks good, enter your credit card information and billing address.
Provide a contact phone number. This information is requested so that the vendor can easily reach you to discuss any important details about your event.
Take one last look at any terms and conditions and check the box confirming you've read them. (The "Vendor Terms of Service" are the cancellation policy and additional terms that appeared with your original quote.) 
If you sent a request to multiple vendors for the same service, you should check the box that says "Mark my event as booked" so that the other vendors know you are no longer booking. This will also cancel any existing quotes and block further communication with everyone other than the vendor you've hired. 
Once everything is filled out, just click Book Now and your event is booked!

We encourage you to stay in contact with the vendor regularly leading up to your event. Here are a few things you may want to cover:

  • If you haven't already exchanged day-of phone numbers, be sure to do that so you can easily communicate if any urgent issues arise
  • Go over any other details they may need to know on or before the event
  • Discuss when they should arrive at the event and any setup instructions or equipment that might be needed
  • Provide them with directions or special instructions for getting to your event

Frequently asked questions:

  • What do I do if the quote I received has expired?
    Vendors set an expiration date for each quote because they can only keep your date open on their calendar for a certain amount of time so they can accept other gigs if needed. If a quote expires before you're able to book, you should send a message to the vendor to see if they are still available. If they are, ask them to resend the quote so you can proceed with the booking. The same is true for outdated quotes.
  • Do I have to complete the booking through GigSalad?
    We strongly recommend that you do. If you are contacted directly outside our system, we encourage you to have the vendor go back to GigSalad to send you an official quote. Any bookings outside of our booking platform are not eligible for dispute resolution, secure payments, or GigSalad booking protection.
  • Do I have to pay with a credit card?
    All payments must be made with a valid Visa, Mastercard, Discover or AMEX* card. If you cannot use a credit card for payment, please contact us to discuss your options.

    *AMEX payments are limited to $2,000 or less. If your booking total exceeds that amount, you'll need to contact us to determine how to proceed.
  • What is Instant Booking?
    Instant Booking is a feature we are currently testing. Depending on your event location and the service you're requesting, you may be able to book a vendor instantly. Just give us your event details, and we'll give you a price quote. Enter your payment information to lock in that price and we'll find a 5-star performer for your event. Read more about Instant Booking. At this time, Instant Booking is only available to some users looking for a few categories in certain locations.
  • What does it mean if my event says it was "marked as booked"?
    If you see that a vendor has marked your event as booked, that means they claim to have worked out the details with you outside of the GigSalad platform and you've booked them directly. If you see this note, but you did not book that vendor, please let us know.

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