How to request quotes from vendors

GigSalad makes it easy to collect free, no-obligation quotes from local entertainers and service providers. There are a couple of ways you can go about it, so choose the option that works best for you and your event planning process. 

Browse profiles to choose a vendor directly

There are two primary ways to request free quotes from providers. The first is to search GigSalad for the type of entertainer and then scroll down to browse the profiles of people near you. You can read reviews, look at pictures, and watch videos to choose someone you think might be a good fit for your event. 
When you find a profile you like, click the blue button to request a free quote and complete the questions asked. 

Want more quotes?

If you’d like to get additional quotes from profiles similar to the one you chose, you can select that option in the quote request form. GigSalad will then forward your request to up to 5 or 10 additional providers that may fit your needs. 

Pro tip: When selecting this option, avoid adding information to your event details that are intended only for the original profile you chose, as this can be confusing for the additional providers who receive the request. 

Save favorites to send to multiple profiles at once

As you’re browsing search results, you may find more than one provider you like. If that’s the case, you can open their profile and click the 🤍 Add to Favorites button. 

Once you’re ready to request a quote from one of the providers, you’ll have the option to choose to send the request to all your saved favorites as well. Or you can click the 🤍 heart icon at the top of the page to request a quote from all your favorites at once.

While searching the site, browsing profiles, and making your own selections may be a little more work for you upfront, it can be a huge time saver in the end. Once you start receiving messages and quotes, you’ll already be familiar with the people reaching out, so you can book sooner.

Submit a general quote request

If you aren’t interested in searching through profiles yourself, you can skip that process and fill out a general quote request instead. Then we’ll do the work for you! 

At the top of every search result page, there is a series of questions to answer, which will lead you through the quote request process. Fill it out completely and submit it, and GigSalad will then send your request to up to 10 profiles that might meet your needs, depending on the supply in your area.

If you’re not on a search result page, you can jump straight to our quick quote page from the main menu or footer.

Filling out your quote request

The quote request process is fairly short but thorough in collecting necessary information about you and your event. A percentage completion will be shown as you move forward so you know how much you have left. 

It’s important to answer everything as completely as possible. The more details you provide, the better responses and more accurate quotes you’ll receive. After you fill out your contact information, the request is officially submitted. However, there may be additional questions that get into more specifics about your needs for the particular service you requested. Answer these to the best of your ability, so providers have more info to work with.

Details that should be included in your quote request: 

  1. Event type
  2. Number of guests (very important for service-related vendors)
  3. Venue name and/or address
  4. Event date
  5. The time you need the provider to start & how long you need them
  6. Description of event (include special requests, budget details, venue requirements, safety protocols, etc.)
  7. Your contact information* 
  8. Additional details specific to the service requested (i.e., performance space, song requests, equipment needs, etc.)

You’ll be asked to create a password as well which is necessary for accessing your account to respond to providers and book your event.

*Note: Your phone number will be shared with providers if provided (which can be very helpful in communicating about pricing and event details), but your email address will only be used to receive notifications from GigSalad. It will not be provided to the talent.

What happens next?

Providers can respond to your quote request in three ways:

  1. Quote: If they can determine an accurate price for the service you need, they will send you a quote. This quote will show you their total cost, a description of services, their cancellation policy, and any additional booking terms. 
  2. Message: If they have any questions or want to discuss specifics about your event, they may send you a message before sending a quote. This message might include a request to speak over the phone as well. 
  3. Decline: If they aren’t available or a good fit for your event, they may decline your request.

When a provider responds, you’ll be notified in your GigSalad inbox and via email notification (as well as text if you choose to opt-in). The email will let you know which action they took and include a link directing you to your thread with that provider so you can see their message or quote and respond.

Important! You should always book your events through the GigSalad platform! When you keep communication and payments on the site, you can rest easy knowing you are protected by our Worry-Free Guarantee.

Request more quotes

If you haven't heard back from your original request or want to reach out to more profiles, you can continue searching the site to request more free quotes. Before sending more requests, be sure you are logged into your event planner account. This will make the request process a lot easier. 

When you click a blue free quote button, if you've previously sent at least one request, you'll be presented with some options:

Request a new service

If you are requesting quotes for a different service than you previously requested or for an entirely new event, then you should select "Request a new service." This will require that you provide all the event information again. Even if you are looking for something for the same event, because it's a new service, you should create a new request because some details may vary depending on the type of service needed.

Example: You sent a request for a violinist for your wedding ceremony, and you are now looking for a caterer for the reception. This should be a new request. Even though some things may be the same, details like the time needed and other specifications will likely be different.

Get more quotes for the same service

If you need more quotes for the exact same service, and none of your event details have changed, then you can just add this to your previous request. This will allow you to submit without having to provide any new information. You'll just select the previous request you want more quotes for, make sure the profile you want is checked, and submit the request. No additional steps!

Example: You sent a request for a face painter for your child's birthday party, and you haven't heard back or didn't like the quotes you received. You can search the site to find more face painters, select to group it with your previous request, and submit the request to the new providers.

Having trouble?

If you're having trouble submitting your quote request, the most likely cause is a piece of the required information is missing. Double-check that each field is filled out correctly. Another cause might be the web browser you are using. In this world of ever-changing technology, it’s important to stay up to date. For this reason, some older browser versions will not be supported on GigSalad. If you are using an outdated browser, try upgrading or downloading a new browser like Chrome or Firefox.

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