How to request quotes from vendors

GigSalad makes it easy to find and request quotes from entertainers and service providers near you. There are several ways you can go about it and you can choose what works best for you and your event planning needs.


Find vendors and request a free quote

When looking for specific types of entertainment or services, go to GigSalad to search appropriate categories, browse profiles, and read reviews to find the best options for your event. When you find someone you like, click the blue free quote button to begin the quote request process. 
The form will ask you questions one at a time about your event. A percentage will be displayed to show your progress.

What do you want?

Select who you want quotes from and for what service. If you've saved any profiles to your Favorites, those will appear here. Click the checkbox in the lower right corner of the image for any vendors you'd like to request a quote from. 

You may also choose to get additional quotes from similar GigSalad professionals. This will give you an opportunity to comparison shop and increase your chances of finding and booking someone for your event. To do this, select the number of additional quotes you'd like to receive. You can choose up to 5 or 10. GigSalad will then use the event details you provide to determine which additional vendors to forward your request to. We will try to get as close to the number you request (5 or 10) as possible, but will only send it to the most appropriate options. Depending on the category you are requesting and the location of your event, in some cases there may not be a lot of supply. If you only want the vendor(s) you selected to receive your request, choose "Not at this time." 

Even though you may have only searched a specific category, the vendor(s) you are contacting likely provides multiple services. The last part of this section allows you to specify which ones you are most interested in for your event.

What's your event?

Providing accurate details about the type of event you are planning and the number of guests you are expecting can be really helpful for vendors that receive your request. This gives them a better understanding of your event and your expectations. 

The location of the event is required in order to complete your request. At the minimum, you must provide the city where the event will happen. If you already know the name and/or address of the venue where you are holding the event, it can be really helpful to provide that as well. 

The event date and the time the vendor will be needed are the most important pieces of your request. You can click on the Event date box to access a calendar to more easily select the correct date. You must have an event date in order to request a quote because the vendors need to know if they are available before they can provide a quote. However, if the date is flexible, you could note this in the additional details at the end of the form. When choosing a time, be sure you are choosing the time you need the vendor there, rather than just when your event is taking place. For example, if your event is from 1-4pm, but you only need the performer there for an hour in the middle, then select the time needed as 2pm and the duration of 1 hour. 

Lastly, if you have any specific information or details you want to be sure the vendors know about your event, you can put that at the end. If you have special requests or requirements for the vendor that might affect the price they will quote you, then this is where you should put those. Any additional details you can provide will be helpful and will lead to a faster and more accurate quote.

Who are you?

In order to complete your request, you must provide accurate contact information. Your first & last name is required, but only your first name and last initial will be visible to the vendors that receive your request. When you book someone, your full name will then appear on the agreement. 

If you choose to provide a phone number, paid vendors will be able to call you about your event after first making contact with you through the site. You may also choose to provide a cell phone number to sign up for text notifications. If you provide your cell phone number, you'll receive alerts on your phone for new messages, quotes, and booking updates. If you don't set it up texts during the quote request process, you can also opt-in from your Account settings.

You must provide an email address and create a login password in order to create an event planner account for managing your requests, communicating with vendors, and completing your booking. All notifications regarding new quotes and messages will be sent to the email you provide. Your email address will not be visible to vendors; they can only message you through the site. We do this for your protection, to hopefully eliminate unwanted solicitation or spam, as well as to keep all communication on our platform.

Have more information?

Once you create a password, your request will be submitted and sent to the vendors you've selected. However, there will be additional questions you can complete if you want to provide more details about your booking preferences. This information is very helpful to vendors and can often speed up the quote process. The additional questions asked will often be related to the specific service you requested.

Request multiple quotes

If you aren't sure where to start, instead of searching the site to find specific vendors, you can submit a general request to get multiple quotes at once. Filling out a general request is similar to the process explained above, except you won't select vendors yourself. Once you've submitted the request, GigSalad will send it to the most appropriate vendors (up to 10) for your event, based on the details you provide.

To request multiple quotes:

  1. Click Sign Up in the top right corner of the website.
  2. Click Request a Quote in the box on the right that says "Are you planning an event and want to hire talent or services?"
  3. Complete all questions just as you would for a regular request.

You can also access this general request form at the top of every search result page. 

What happens next?

Vendors can respond to your quote request 1 of 3 ways:

  1. Quote: If the vendor can determine an accurate price for the service you need, they will send you a quote. This quote will show you their total cost, a description of services, their cancellation policy, and any additional booking terms.
  2. Message: If they don't have enough information to provide a quote, they may send you a message to get more details about what exactly you are looking for and give you more info about their service options. 
  3. Decline: If they aren't available or aren't a good fit for your event, they may decline your request. 

Regardless of which response they choose, you will be notified both in your GigSalad Inbox and via email notification (and text if you chose to opt-in). The email will let you know which action the vendor took and include a link directing you to your thread with that vendor where you can view the details and respond.

Note: You should always book your events through the GigSalad platform! When you keep communication and payments on the site, you can rest easy knowing you are protected by our Worry-Free Guarantee.

Request more quotes

If you haven't heard back from your original request, or want to reach out to more vendors, you can continue searching the site to request more free quotes. Before sending more requests, be sure you are logged into your event planner account. This will make the request process a lot easier. 

When you click a blue free quote button, if you've previously sent at least one request you'll be presented with two (or more if you've previously requested quotes for multiple services) options:

Request for a new service

If you are requesting quotes for a different service than you previously requested, or for an entirely new event, then you should select "Request a new service." This will require that you provide all the event information again. Even if you are looking for something for the same event, because it's a new service, you should create a new request because some details may vary depending on the type of service needed.

Example: You sent a request for a violinist for your wedding ceremony, and you are now looking for a caterer for the reception. This should be a new request. Even though some things may be the same, details like the time needed and other specifications will likely be different.

More quotes for the same service

If you need more quotes for the exact same service, and none of your event details have changed, then you should select to group this with your previous request. This will allow you to send the request without having to provide any new information. You'll just select that option, make sure the vendor(s) you want is checked, and submit the request. No additional steps!

Example: You sent a request for a face painter for your child's birthday party and you haven't heard back or didn't like the quotes you received. You can search the site to find more face painters, select to group it with your previous request and submit the request to the new vendors.

Having trouble?

If you're having trouble submitting your quote request, the most likely cause is a piece of required information is missing. Double-check that each field is filled out correctly. Another cause might be the web browser you are using. In this world of ever-changing technology, it’s important to stay up to date. For this reason, some older browser versions will not be supported on GigSalad. If you are using an outdated browser, try upgrading or downloading a new browser like Chrome or Firefox.

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