Understanding your dashboard

Your GigSalad dashboard serves as an overview page for your account. You can see your profile completion rate (on your profile photo) as well as some overall booking, lead, review, and profile stats, your Top Performer status, and GigSalad news and updates. 

To access your dashboard, log in to your account. You should be immediately taken to the dashboard or you can choose it from the menu.

GigSalad news

Any announcements, product updates, and alerts from GigSalad will appear in the News column below your profile photo on the dashboard. We use this area to share important information regarding tax requirements, new features, product updates, scam alerts, and more. 

For really big updates or news items, you may also receive an email or see a pop-up in the control panel whenever you visit the site. However, it can still be good to check in on the News section from time to time to be sure you didn't miss anything.

Booking stats

The booking statistics shown on your dashboard can help you gauge your performance on GigSalad. This section will show you:

  • Booking dollars: The total amount you've earned for gigs before service fees were deducted.
  • Leads: The total number of leads you've received since joining.
  • Quotes: The total number of quotes you've sent through the platform.
  • Bookings: The total number of verified bookings you've had since joining.
  • Close rate: The percentage of quotes sent through the platform that turned into bookings.

You can go to your Inbox to see a detailed list of your booked gigs and payout history (which can be broken down by month and year).

Top Performer status

This section will let you know if you are currently a Top Performer as well as when the next assessment will take place. You can click the Learn more link to see a detailed breakdown of your activity for the various requirements.

Your Top Performer status is determined by your review rating, response rate, and on-site bookings. It is evaluated at the start of each month, using data from your last 3 months of activity.  

Your reviews

You can find your current overall star rating under Your Reviews on the dashboard. You can also see the total number of verified and unverified reviews you currently have. 

Verified reviews are reviews attached to a gig that was either booked through the site or marked as booked. Unverified reviews were left by clients that booked you outside of our platform. Keep in mind, verified reviews carry a higher weight in your overall review rating.

Profile visits

The Profile Visits portion of your dashboard tracks clicks to your GigSalad PromoKit. You can see total numbers from the last 30 days, 90 days, and all-time. 

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