How to view your payout history

You can find a list of your payout history within the Payouts page of the Inbox. You can view every payment that we have sent as well as the status of any pending payments. Since GigSalad is a third-party involved in the payment process, we do not send out 1099s, so this page is particularly helpful during tax season. The Payouts page lists the information you need to report your earnings. 

To find your payout history: 

Log in to your account.
Go to the Inbox.
Select Payouts from the menu. The menu is located on the left when using a desktop or laptop. On a mobile device, click on  Payouts from the drop-down menu. 
Click on the drop-down menu to select a specific timeframe to view. You can select an entire year or month. 


This page is not designed to be printable, but you can easily print through your browser tools if needed. To do so, select the month or year you need to view and use your mouse to highlight all the text you want to print. Then right-click and click " Print." Tip: Using a Landscape layout will often turn out better than Portrait.

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