Why are my payments delayed?

When you are booked on GigSalad, clients pay the full amount upfront. The deposit is sent to you before the gig and the balance after the event is over. The specific timeframe of your payments will vary based on the payout method you have chosen. However, there are a few circumstances where your payments may be delayed. 

Reason #1: Past issues

If we have encountered issues with your past bookings, such as multiple no-shows, frequent cancellations without reason, or funds not being returned to GigSalad, your future bookings will be monitored, and your payments may be held.

If we are monitoring your bookings, you will not receive deposits before the event. Instead, your deposit and balance will be sent to you after the event takes place. If a hold is placed on your payments, we will display an alert to you in the booking confirmation email.

Reason #2: Security

We screen each payment on GigSalad to ensure it's legitimate. Occasionally, a payment is made on GigSalad, which raises some red flags. In most of these cases, there are no real issues, but we prefer to ensure everything is in order before releasing any funds. If we need extra time to research a payment, your deposit or balance may be held while we investigate further. 

Reason #3: Incomplete or consequential communication

Prior to sending any payments, we look at the communication between you and the client to ensure the event has not been canceled, rescheduled, or edited. If you or the client sends a message with a crucial question that could result in a cancellation or some other major change, we may hold onto the payment until a confirmation message has been sent back.

For this reason, it's very important that communication is complete and remains on GigSalad as much as possible. If we place a hold on your payment, we will notify you and let you know what information needs to be received for us to process the payment.  

If your payment is delayed and you're unsure what could be the cause, please contact the Customer Happiness team by emailing help@gigsalad.com or calling (417) 889-9909.

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