Providing W-9 information for tax purposes

All U.S. GigSalad members that receive $600 or more in booking payments to their bank account (via direct deposit or check) within a calendar year must provide us with their W-9 tax information. 


Third-party processors like GigSalad must report to the IRS via a Form 1099-K when a certain earnings threshold is met by a single user. As a part of the American Rescue Plan, Congress lowered the threshold from $20,000 to $600 beginning in 2022. 

In order for GigSalad to generate a Form 1099-K to send to the IRS (and to you, the taxpayer), we must collect a Form W-9. You can fill it out in advance, or you can wait until we notify you that the payment threshold has been reached. Please note that you may be subject to backup withholding for your booking payments if you pass $600 and have not yet supplied your W-9 information.

How to submit a W-9

To make this process significantly easier (and save some trees), we've built the W-9 form into the GigSalad control panel so you can fill everything out right through your account. 

To provide your tax info: 

Log in to your control panel and go to Account.
Choose Tax Info from the menu.
Complete all necessary information, read the certification details, and consent to electronic delivery.
Click Submit Information.

🔒 Note: The information you provide through this form is encrypted upon submission and then stored in a secure data center. If you have any concerns about completing the form, please contact us.

Updating your W-9 info

If any of your tax details change, you can return to the Tax Info page in your Account to update and re-submit your W-9 at any time. 

The previous information you provided will already be populated for your convenience, with the exception of your social security or employer identification number. Because that taxpayer identification number (TIN) is often sensitive, we keep it hidden for security purposes. You will need to re-enter your TIN each time you update your W-9. 

About Form 1099-K

Starting in 2023, we will use the W-9 information we've collected to generate a Form 1099-K for each applicable taxpayer from the previous calendar year. These forms will be sent directly to the IRS and an electronic copy will be provided to the member through their GigSalad account.

Note: Form 1099-K will only be issued to U.S. members that receive payments to their bank account via direct deposit or check. We will not be issuing Form 1099-K to members who receive payments via PayPal.

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