How to send messages to vendors

The GigSalad booking platform includes a messaging tool that makes it very easy to communicate with vendors for your event. 

When you submit a quote request, it will create a thread with that vendor in your event planner account. You can access this thread at any time to view the messages and respond as needed. 

Send a message

Log in to your event planner account and click on your event under Recent Events or go to your Inbox.
Click on the vendor you wish to contact. 
You'll see a text box at the top of the thread where you can type your message. If needed, you can attach files by clicking on the paper clip. 
Click Send.

The vendor will then receive a notification of your message so they can respond accordingly. Once a vendor opens your message, the "Sent" status below the message will change to "Seen."

Pro tip: Sign up for text notifications to make sure you never miss a new message or quote from a vendor!

Flag a message or quote

If you believe that a message or quote that you've received is spam or inappropriate, let us know by flagging it.

To do this: 


Log in to your event planner account and click on your event under Recent Events or go to your Inbox.

Find the message or quote that you want to flag, and click the small flag icon under the box.
Choose the reason for reporting the message/quote.
Click Send Report.

Frequently asked questions:

  • Can I communicate with vendors directly, outside of GigSalad?

    Because of the benefits and protections we offer, we encourage you to use our platform for communicating with vendors. Messaging through GigSalad not only helps protect your private contact info but also allows both you and the vendor to keep a record of all details discussed.

    Once you complete the booking on GigSalad, the messages you and the vendor exchanged will be saved right there in the thread with the booking. And in the unlikely event of an issue or cancellation, the written record of your communication on GigSalad is what we will use to mediate the situation and find a solution.

    If talking to a vendor directly helps you make an informed booking decision, then feel free to give them a call. Just be sure to finalize any details discussed within a message afterward.

  • If the vendor sends a price quote through a message, can I accept via message and work out payment details directly, off the site?

    If a vendor asks you to book them outside of GigSalad, we strongly recommend directing them back to our platform so we can provide the same benefits to you as our other event planners. Any bookings outside of GigSalad are not eligible for dispute resolution, secure payments, or our Worry-Free Guarantee

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