Gig lead alerts & other email notifications

GigSalad uses email as the primary form of communication to alert you of new activity on your account and send you other important information. 

Lead & booking alerts

These are the most important email notifications you'll receive. We'll send an email when you get new leads, messages from clients, and event & booking updates. 

  • Gig leads: For each new lead you get, you'll receive an email notification. The email will not have the lead's details, so you'll need to click the button in the email to see the event information and respond to the client.
    • Additional details: When an event planner submits a quote request, there are actually two points of completion. Once we collect all the basic, required information, the lead is submitted and your lead notification will be sent. Then, the event planner can provide additional info that's more specific to the service they are requesting. If they choose to complete this second part, and you have already opened the original lead notification, we will send another email to tell you the event planner has provided additional details. There's often less than a minute between these two actions, so you likely won't get this second notification unless you're really fast at reading your leads.
    • Lead reminders: If you do not read the initial lead notification within a certain timeframe, you'll be sent reminder emails. We send a total of three reminders: 4 hours after the lead was received, 12 hours after, and 24 hours after. Once you click the link in the email to view the lead, you will not receive any further reminders. You can adjust your notifications anytime to choose which reminders you receive.

      It's important to read leads as quickly as possible because event planners often move on to a different option when they don't hear anything back. Also, reading and responding quickly to leads will help you earn Top Performer status.

      Note: If you repeatedly leave leads unread for an extended amount of time, this may result in your profile being hidden from search results until you become active again.

  • New messages: When an event planner sends you a message through the site, you'll receive an email that will include the message in it. You can click the button to open the thread and respond to the message there, or you can reply to the email itself. When you reply to a message notification, it'll be sent back to the event planner as if you had replied directly in the thread.
  • Event updates: Sometimes, the details of an event may change. When this happens, the event planner will update the event through their account, and you'll receive an email with the updated information. At that time, if you had already sent a quote, it will be removed, and you will need to send a new quote. We do this because oftentimes, changes to the event details can change your price and/or availability.
  • Quote read: When a client opens your quote, you'll receive an email notification saying it's been viewed. We do this so you can be informed of activity on your active quotes, and to also let you know that it might be a good time to follow up with that particular client. You can opt out of these notifications at any time.
  • Event status updates: We send clients a couple of follow-up emails after their requests are submitted to ask what the status of their event is. In this update, they can tell us if they've booked someone already, if there are any vendors they aren't interested in pursuing further, or if they're no longer looking at all. If they choose to update the status, we'll send you an email with the information they provided. If you don't wish to receive event status updates, you can opt out of these notifications.
  • Booking updates: Once you submit a quote, the event planner can choose to accept or decline it. Regardless of which they choose, you will be notified via email. If the event planner books you, the email notification will include confirmation of their payment and details of when you can expect to receive payment from GigSalad.
    • Upcoming gigs: We will send you two notifications before the event date. One a week before and one a day before. We do this to help keep you on schedule and ensure you don't miss a gig!
    • Payouts: Deposits are paid out before the booked event, and the remaining balances are paid out after. You'll receive emails each time a payment is sent to you.

Text notifications

You may also sign up to receive text message alerts for many of the above actions. Since GigSalad is 100% mobile-friendly, you can follow the link in the text to open the thread and communicate with the event planner from your phone. Opt-in now!

Inbox notifications

In addition to email & text notifications, you will see various activity alerts within your control panel. When you have unread leads or messages, there will be a blue notification bubble on the email icon in the header, as well as an unread count in parentheses beside Inbox in the main menu. We encourage you to log in to your control panel frequently to ensure you aren't missing any important notifications. Sometimes emails and even texts can be missed.

Account alerts

We'll let you know via email when there are important things you need to know about your GigSalad membership. 

  • Join/purchase confirmations: When you sign up, change or renew your membership, or purchase an upgrade, we'll send you a confirmation email. These emails serve as your receipt.
  • Recurring payments: If you have a recurring membership, your payments will be automatically drafted from your credit card at the end of each paid membership term (unless you cancel). You'll receive two reminders — the first will be 2 weeks before your charge date and the second 2 days before. If you have a grandfathered-monthly recurring payment, you will only receive the 2-day notice. Then, you'll also be notified every time a payment is processed.
    • Failed payment: If we cannot process your payment, we will send you an email with instructions on updating your payment information to avoid a lapse in membership.
    • Expired card: If your credit card is going to expire before your next charge date, we will send you a total of three emails (2 weeks before your charge date, 1 week before, and 2 days before) prompting you to update your payment information so you're membership isn't interrupted.
  • Expiration notices: If you have turned off auto-renewal or canceled your subscription, your membership will expire at the end of your paid term. We will send you four reminders leading up to your expiration date (2 weeks before, 1 week before, the day before, and the day of) to remind you to log in and renew if you’d like to continue with a paid membership. If you choose not to renew, we’ll notify you again once it expires.
  • New reviews: When one of your clients submits feedback on your PromoKit, you'll receive an email to let you know. You can opt out of these notifications if you'd like.

GigSalad news

We like to keep our members as up-to-date as possible when there are new features, updates, or announcements, but we try to keep it on a need-to-know basis so you don't have to worry about being bogged down with emails from us. We will always try to alert you when there is a major change made to the site or booking platform that will affect you. We may also send sporadic product updates covering recent changes or improvements. 


If opted-in, you may receive occasional report emails that will include stats, updates, and other information regarding your account or GigSalad activity as a whole. 

Top Performer alert

At the beginning of each month, you may receive an update about your Top Performer status. You'll receive an email if you made Top Performer that month. Or you'll receive an email if you missed Top Performer by just one criterion. The latter will include information about your current stats as well as tips for how you might improve on the one thing you were missing so you can earn Top Performer the following month. 

If you do not receive a Top Performer status email, it means you've missed 2 or 3 of the criteria required. You can keep an eye on your status in your dashboard

Special offers

We may run various sales throughout the year, offering discounts to upgrade or add time to your membership. When these special offers occur, we may send one to six emails depending on the promotion length. We won't be able to tell you when specific sales will happen or how much the discount will be, so keep an eye out for these emails. 

Manage your notifications

You can change your notification preferences at any time through your account. Important account alerts, as well as lead and booking notifications, are required, but you can control which others you'd like to receive.

You can also change the email address where you receive these notifications if you'd like for it to be something different than your login email address. 

To change your notification settings: 
Log in to your control panel and go to Account.
Choose Notifications from the menu.
Make any necessary changes and click Update Email Notifications
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