How to add a photo gallery to your PromoKit

It's important to add photos to your PromoKit that show every aspect of your service, from promo shots to candid images from your past events. This will help potential clients get a complete idea of all you have to offer.

To manage your photo gallery, log into your control panel, go to Edit PromoKit, and select Photos from the menu.

Upload photos

Click Add Photo in the Photo Gallery section.

You can add JPG and PNG files up to 6MB in size. The number of photos you can add is determined by your membership level and will be indicated on the Add Gallery Photo page.

Click Choose Files.
Find the appropriate image from your computer and click Open.
Write a caption if you'd like.

You must own all the rights to any image you upload to your PromoKit. Check the box if this is true.

Click Upload and then repeat the process for all photos you want to add.

Note: Your photos and your captions may not contain web links or contact information.

Edit photos

Need to change or delete a photo? From the Photos page, click the pencil icon in the top left corner of the photo you want to edit/remove.

  • Rotate - Click Rotate Left or Rotate Right to change the orientation of the photo.
  • Caption - Add or change the caption in the text box and then click Update Photo Caption.
  • Remove - To remove the image from your gallery entirely, click Delete

The only edit you can make to the photo itself is rotating. If you need to crop the image or alter it in any other way, you'll need to do so using separate software and then re-upload it to your PromoKit.

Re-arrange photos

You can change the order of the photos in your gallery if you need to. From the Photos page, click and drag the photos around to arrange them. Once you have them in the order you want, click Update Order.

Frequently asked questions:

  • Where are my press photos?

    We no longer have a separate section for press photos. Any press photos you previously uploaded have been added to your photo gallery instead. If you have new press photos you’d like to include on your PromoKit, simply add them to your gallery. You can also attach image files to your quotes and messages if you need to send a press photo to a client.

  • How many photos can I add?

    Your photo limit is based on your membership level. Featured members can add up to 100 photos, Pro members can add up to 50 photos, and Free members can add up to 10 photos.

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