How to add audio to your PromoKit

If you are a musician or singer, audio samples can be one of your greatest assets in securing more gig opportunities.


To manage your audio, log in to your control panel, go to Edit PromoKit, and select Audio from the menu.

Upload audio

Click Upload Audio.
Fill in the details about your audio sample.

Song Title: This is what will be displayed with the file in the Audio section of your PromoKit, so make sure it's correct with no typos.

Artist: This field is optional, but if you want to display the name of the artist performing on the sample, this is where to do that. This can be helpful if you feature more than one performer in your act.

Original Artist: This field is required, but it will not be displayed on your PromoKit. We collect this so we can report the song to the appropriate licensing company. If you are the original artist, just put your name.

Click Choose File. (MP3 files are the only accepted format and the max file size is 25MB.)
Find the audio file on your computer, and click Open
Specify who owns the rights to the song you are uploading.

GigSalad covers all costs associated with streaming licensed music on our site, so we need to know who to attribute your song to. We've included links to both BMI & ASCAP catalogs for you to do a quick search for your song. If you don't find it on either one, or you own the song yourself, select "Neither."

Click Upload and then repeat the process for all audio samples you want to add.

Re-arrange audio

To change the order of the audio samples on your PromoKit, go to your song list on the Audio page. From there you can click and drag the files up or down to arrange them. Once you have them how you want, click Update Order at the bottom of the list.

Edit/delete audio

To delete one of your files or edit the Song Title/Artist, go to the Audio page, and click Edit on the file you want to adjust. Make the necessary changes and click Update Audio. To remove a file completely, click Delete.

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