How to update your credit card for your recurring membership payments

If you have a new credit card or want to change the card we use for your recurring membership payments, log in and update the info in your account prior to your next charge date to avoid a lapse in membership. You can find your next billing date in the Account Snapshot on the Manage Membership page in your control panel.

To change your credit card:

Log in to your control panel and go to Account.
Choose Billing Info from the menu.
Select to use a saved card or add a new one, then fill out the required info.
Read the message and check the box to agree to our terms.
Click Update Billing Info.

If you fail to update your credit card information and we are unable to collect a payment, your paid membership may be canceled. 

Note: We no longer offer a month-to-month payment option. If you currently pay monthly and your membership lapses due to a failed payment, you’ll need to choose a 3, 6, or 12-month subscription instead if you wish to resume a paid membership.

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