How to change your profile photo

Your profile photo is the first thing potential clients will see and likely a primary influence in deciding to look at your profile and request a quote. You should choose a high-quality image that is both visually appealing and accurately shows what you offer.

To add a profile photo or change your current photo, log in to your control panel. From there, you can click the profile photo on the Dashboard to change it, or you can go to Edit PromoKit and choose Profile Photo from the menu. 

Upload a new profile photo

All profile photos on GigSalad are oriented with a 1:1 ratio, so if your photo is not already square, it'll be cropped accordingly and you can edit the crop if needed after it's uploaded. Your profile photo will be square in search results, but a circle in other places. Therefore, the image you choose should work in both formats. 

The photo must be a minimum of 480x480 pixels and the file size cannot exceed 8MB. JPG and PNG file formats are accepted. 

Once on the profile photo page, tap the Upload button.
Click Choose File.
Find the correct photo on your computer, and click Open.
You must own all the rights to any image you upload to your PromoKit. Check the box if this is true. 
Click Upload.

Note: If your profile photo is deemed inappropriate, violates any of our policies (such as containing text/contact info or copyrighted works), is too low quality, or doesn't match the services you provide, we may replace it with an image from your photo gallery or remove it completely. If this happens, you'll be notified and asked to upload a new photo.

Edit your profile photo

You can edit your profile photo from inside your account to crop or rotate it. If you need to make any further edits, you'll need to use your own software and then re-upload your edited image.

  • Rotate - Use the Rotate Left and Rotate Right buttons to correct the orientation of the photo.
  • Crop - To change the area of the photo you want to show, click Crop. Use your mouse to click and drag to choose the portion of the photo you wish to use. You can click and drag as much as necessary with that square & circle outline until you get it just right. Once you're happy with it, click Save Cropped Image.

Choose a photo from your gallery

If you already have an image uploaded to your photo gallery that you want to use as your profile photo, you don't need to re-upload it. Instead, follow the steps below to choose an image from your gallery.

Choose Photos from the menu.
Locate the image in your Photo Gallery that you want to use.
Click the pencil icon in the top left corner of the photo.
Click Make Profile Photo.

If the image you choose is not already square, it will automatically be cropped to the correct size. If needed, you can adjust the crop using the edit instructions above.

Delete photo

All PromoKits must have a profile photo, so you cannot delete the image entirely. You must replace it with a new image. If you do not have a new image and you must delete the photo, please contact us so we can discuss your options.

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