How to change your PromoKit login information

To change your login details, you must first log in to your control panel with your current info. From there go to Account and select Login Info from the menu.

To change your email address:
Under Change Email Address, type in a new Login Email Address.
Put in your current password.
Click Update Email Address.

Note: Changing your login email address doesn't change the email address at which you receive your gig lead notifications and other GigSalad communications. These are stored as two separate email addresses. If you need to change your contact email address as well, you'll do that under Notifications (also in the Account section).

To change your password:
Under Change Password, type in your current password.
Type in your new password, and then a second time for verification.
Click Update Password.

You can link or unlink your Facebook profile if you want to change your social login preferences at the top of the page. 

If you are having trouble logging into your account, here are a few troubleshooting tips you can try.

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