How to dispute a review on your PromoKit

If you receive a review that is obscene, abusive, or fraudulent, you may submit a dispute to have it removed. To do this, log in to your control panel and find the review in question. Open the review and at the bottom of the page, you'll find a line of text with a link that says, "If you would like to dispute the authenticity of this review, click here." Click to open the dispute form. Complete the requested fields, and click Submit Dispute

When you dispute a review, it will be held for arbitration while we complete the dispute process. This process includes reviewing all the information provided both in the dispute and in the messages & agreement associated with the gig. Our Customer Happiness team will use this information and various other criteria to determine whether the dispute can be immediately accepted or denied, or if further research is needed. In these cases, we may contact the reviewer for fact-checking. 

If the review is deemed valid, we will encourage you to work out your differences with the reviewer directly and then, if mutually agreed, the review can possibly be removed. For example, you are hired to provide services at a party. Murphy’s Law is in effect and nothing goes as planned: the wheels fall off your truck on your way to the gig, your singer has a sudden bout of laryngitis, and Aunt Mille can’t stand your set list. The client, obviously unhappy, gives you 1 star and a terrible review. You humbly and honestly discuss the issues and give a refund or agree to play her next party for free to make amends. Both sides are happy, the review is removed or edited and goodwill is restored. And most importantly, you made it right, reviews or not.

If the dispute is denied and you aren't able to work out your differences with the client to ask them to remove it, we recommend you humbly accept the criticism and move on. If you wish, you can post a rebuttal to be displayed publicly with the review. Keep it honest and professional. Bad things happen, everyone understands that. A client seeing a bad review with an apologetic and genuine response can actually reflect really well on you and show that you're human. You can also request reviews from your other clients in order to attempt to get more 5-star reviews and increase your overall star rating. 

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