How to change your PromoKit contact information

It's important to keep your contact information up to date for your GigSalad membership. This includes your name, address, phone number, and contact email. If you need to make any changes, log in and visit the Account page.

General contact info

These details are for GigSalad's records only, with the exception of your phone number. Phone numbers for both you and your client will be displayed on booking agreements.

To change your name, address, or phone number:

Choose Contact Info from the Account menu.
Edit any fields you need to change.
Click Update Contact Info.

Email address

Your contact email address will not be displayed publicly either. This is where you'll receive all lead and booking notifications, as well as any other communication from GigSalad. This may be different from your login email address.

To change your contact email address:

Choose Notifications from the Account menu.
Uncheck any notification emails you do not wish to receive.
Under Notification email address, type the email address you wish to use.
Click Update Email Notifications.

Note: Featured members may add an extra notification email address. This can be helpful if someone else is managing your leads, such as an assistant or a manager. Each email address you add will receive the same notifications as the primary email address.

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