Collecting tips through PayPal

When you book through GigSalad and the client leaves a positive review after the event is over, they'll be prompted to send you a tip if you have a PayPal account connected to your GigSalad account. At this time, only members based in the U.S. may receive tips through PayPal.

To connect to PayPal:

Log in to your control panel and go to your Account.
Select Payout Info from the menu.
Scroll down to the section titled Tipping Info.
Click Connect your PayPal account and follow the prompts provided.
Already using PayPal for booking payments? 

If you already have PayPal as your payout method for bookings, you do not need to connect your PayPal again. Your clients will be prompted to send tips to the same account you use for collecting payments.

How it works:

When you book a gig through the site, your client will be prompted to leave a review on your profile after the event. If you have a PayPal address connected to your account and their review is positive (4 or 5 stars), they'll be prompted to leave a tip. If they choose this option, they'll be taken to PayPal to provide the necessary information to send your tip, which you'll receive directly through your PayPal account.

We cannot tell when or how often clients select the tipping option, and those tipping amounts will not be accounted for in your GigSalad payouts list.

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