How to reveal client phone numbers

Please note: This information applies to paid members. Only paid members will have access to phone numbers before the gig is booked, and only when the client chooses to provide this information.

When a client chooses to provide a phone number with their request, it will be revealed to you once you have responded through the GigSalad platform. We do this for many reasons, but our main goal is to track the activity and response rates of our members. Response rate is one of the key factors used to determine which members will receive a prospective gig lead. Essentially, those with a better response rate get more leads! If your first contact with a client is a phone call, we're unable to verify you have made contact or calculate your response rate. A high response rate will also increase your chances of earning Top Performer status, which will get you more leads as well!

Responding first with a message or quote also helps us to ensure clients' needs are being met. Because we can't verify a phone call, we don't know for sure if clients are receiving adequate responses to their requests. If we can track the activity, we'll have more information about whether or not they are on their way to a successful booking. And if the client's request has not been fulfilled, we'll be able to assist them further.

If you wish to speak to a client on the phone, first send them a quote or a message on the platform and their number will be revealed, if they provided one. 

Send a quote

If the client provides enough detail with their request for you to create an accurate price quote to perform the gig, then this is your best option for responding. They'll be able to book you immediately at the price you quote, so getting that information to them right away is going to increase your chances of getting the gig!

Helpful tip: Save your preferences in advance to make it faster and easier to send quotes. You can choose your preferred quote settings through your account and even create a default description of your services so you'll have a template to start with when customizing a quote for a potential client. Save your quote settings here.

Send a message

You may need more information about the event before you can send a quote, and that's okay! We have a convenient and easy-to-use messaging tool for exactly that reason. When you send a message through the platform, we'll send a notification email to the client (and text alert if they've opted in) immediately so they can read your note and respond. Talking through the messaging platform also allows you and the client to keep a record of your communication. This is a helpful feature for booked gigs and doesn't require you to remember the details discussed in a phone call.

Message suggestions and examples:

We understand if your preference is to discuss event details over the phone, but you can still make the most out of sending that initial message. Here are a few tips and example messages to get you started!

  • Introduce yourself! This is the perfect opportunity to give a little more information about your services. A large number of leads are sent to you from GigSalad, rather than being sent directly from the client, so they may not know much about you. Give a brief introduction that describes what you do and why you would be the right fit for their event.

    Hi there! I'm available and very interested in your event. I'm a singing guitarist with a repertoire of over 100 cover songs, so wedding ceremonies are a breeze for me! If the songs you need for your special day aren't already in my song list, learning them will be no problem. I look forward to hearing from you!   

  • What do you offer? If you offer a variety of services or different setups for your gigs, we recommend listing them out in your first message. If you can, provide pricing estimates for each possibility. This gives clients a chance to see all of their options right away, which speeds up the booking process for you both.

    Hi there! We have several options that I think would work for your event. Take a look and get back to me, and then I'll send you a customized quote. 
    Face painting for 2 hours: $150
    Face painting and balloon twisting for 2 hours: $250
    Face painting, balloon twisting, and a costumed character: $400
    I hope you'll consider me for your festival. It sounds like a lot of fun!

  • Give them a time frame. If you plan to follow up your message with a phone call, let them know when they can expect to hear from you. Giving the client a time frame is courteous and may help you secure the gig. If you're one of their top options, they may wait to hear from you before proceeding with another vendor. Just make sure it's a reasonable time frame and you honor it!

    Hey there! I'd love to be a part of your upcoming event. I'll be in touch within 24 hours to discuss the details. Until then, check out our GigSalad page to see photos, videos, reviews, and more!

  • Make it personal. Much of the information you would give to one client might be the same as you'd give to every other client, so it can be tempting to send a generic response. However, your client may recognize a lack of attention, so we recommend adding a little personalization to each message. Use their name and mention their specific event or some unique piece of information they included in their details. This will show you've read their whole request and took the time to craft a response just for them (even if the majority of it is a saved template).

    Hi Nancy! Your event sounds like it's going to be unforgettable, for sure. What employee doesn't secretly wish they could drop their boss in a dunk tank? Our company would love to be a part of it. We have everything you'd need and we're available on December 16th. I'll send a quote within the next couple hours and if it looks good to you, you can make a payment to book us for that date.

Helpful tip: Save messages in advance to make it faster and easier to reply to your leads. We recommend creating several templates using the suggestions provided above. Then, when you go to send a message, you can choose one of your saved replies from a drop down list, personalize it for the client you're responding to, and send it with very little time or effort spent. Create saved messages here.

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