Understanding cancellation policies and refunds

If you need to cancel a booking, your refund will be determined by the cancellation policy included in the booking agreement for your event. Even though you will make one full payment at the time of booking, cancellation policies will break down your payment into separate amounts with different terms for each. This is because a portion of your payment is a deposit sent to the vendor in advance of the event. The deposit is often non-refundable. 

Cancellation policies

Each vendor sets their own cancellation policy, which determines what will happen to both the deposit and balance payment if you cancel the booking.

Here is an example of one possible cancellation policy:

In this example, the deposit is non-refundable, so if you cancel at any point after you book, the vendor will keep the deposit. The balance in this example is refundable if you cancel at least 7 days before the event. If you cancel less than 7 days before, the vendor will still be paid the balance even though they will not be performing your event. This is a moderately strict cancellation policy. 

The most strict cancellation policy would be non-refundable deposits and balances with long cancellation windows. This is not very common. The most lenient policy would be always refundable deposits and balances, which means you'd get a full refund regardless of when you cancel. This, too, is uncommon. The most common cancellation policy is usually a non-refundable deposit and an always-refundable balance. 

GigSalad's service fee is always non-refundable if you are the one who chooses to cancel the booking.

Note: If a cancellation policy states a refundable deposit or balance within a certain cancellation window, and you book the vendor and make your payment after that window has already closed, that payment will be non-refundable if you cancel. For example, if the policy says the balance is refundable if you cancel within 7 days of the event, but you book them just 4 days before the event, that balance will not be refunded if you cancel.


In order to receive a refund, you must cancel your event through GigSalad. When you cancel, you'll be given a summary of the cancellation policy and the payments that will be refunded. Once we've confirmed your cancellation, we will issue the required refund through the payment method used for that booking. This process could take 1-2 business days. Once the refund is issued, it may take up to 3-5 business days to see it in your account.

If the cancellation policy states that no refund is owed, GigSalad will not be able to return any payments to you directly. However, you are welcome to discuss the issue with the vendor to see if they'd be willing to work with you to reschedule their services or give you a partial refund. If they agree to a partial refund, that should be arranged directly between you and the vendor.

Where to find the cancellation policy

When you get a new quote, there will be a link included that says "View cancellation policy." Click to see the refund policy for both the deposit and the balance payment. When you click Book Now to proceed to the checkout page, you can review the terms again in the Details dropdown on the event summary. Once you've booked the event, you can always reference the cancellation policy in your agreement, which you can get to by clicking "View/Print" beside the booking number.

Vendor cancellations

The cancellation policies mentioned above will only be applicable if you are the one who cancels the booking. If the vendor cancels the agreement, you are covered by our Worry-Free Guarantee. You will receive a full refund of your payment, and we'll also do everything we can to help you find a replacement for your event. 

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