Report a problem with your gig

If you cannot make it to a gig, show up late, or have any other problems that GigSalad needs to know about, you should report them to us immediately so we can talk to your client and help resolve the issue.

How to report a problem

You should follow the instructions below to tell us what happened as soon as the event is over (within 24 hours). 

Log in to your control panel and go to Booked Gigs in your Inbox.
Click on the event that had a problem.
On the booking confirmation in your message thread, find the link that says Report a problem with this event.
Choose an option from the drop-down for what went wrong, then provide details and attach any evidence you might have to support your claim.
Click Send Feedback.

What happens next?

Once your feedback is submitted, we will hold your balance payment until a resolution has been reached. We will notify the client that a problem has been reported. We won't show them the written feedback you submitted, but we will share with them the reason you gave for what went wrong.

Someone from our Customer Happiness team will then step in to mediate. We'll reach out to the client to discuss and confirm your claims. Then we'll follow up with you if we need any further information. Once we've reached a resolution, both parties will be notified.


If the problem reported relates to you missing the event, we'll confirm that with the client, and they will receive a full refund. If that happens, you will forfeit the balance payment and will be required to return your deposit to GigSalad. 

For any other issue, it's up to you to determine what you'd like to do to make it right with your client. If you were late or did something that may have made their event unsatisfactory, we encourage you to offer a partial refund or other compensation. This is courteous and could help prevent an unfavorable review. If you'd like to offer a refund, include that information along with the specific amount in the details of your report. We'll take care of the refund for you! 

Send more details

If, at any point before the issue is resolved, you think of anything you forgot to include in your previous report, you can return to the report page and send additional details. Or if you've talked with the event planner and come to a resolution and want to offer a refund, let us know the specifics by sending more details through the report page.

The client may also report a problem with the event, in which case the procedure is similar. We'll collect their feedback about what went wrong. We'll hold your balance payment while we look into it and notify you that a problem was reported. You'll be able to respond with your own feedback and evidence regarding their claims.

When to report a problem

The Report a problem with this event link will only be available after the event for approximately 24 hours. We have this short window because that's how long we are holding your balance payment. We will send you the balance if no issue is reported within that time.

If you missed the event or canceled last minute, and neither party reports it to us before we've sent the payment, we should still be notified as soon as possible through our contact page. Once the cancellation is confirmed, you will be required to return both your balance and deposit payments so the client can receive a full refund. Failure to do so could result in your membership being terminated.

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