How to respond to gig leads

There are two important things to remember about responding to leads: always do it and do it as quickly as you can. It's common courtesy to respond to every lead you get, even if you must decline it. If you can fulfill the request, then let the client know right away. The first to respond often gets the gig! 

Pro tip: Responding quickly to leads will also help you achieve Top Performer status.

When you open a new lead, you’ll see 3 different options for responding: send a quote, decline the event, or send a message. For easy reference, all the basic event details will appear in the thread below the response options. (More detailed information can be found within the Event Info box.)


Send a quote

If you have enough information about the event to provide an accurate quote, then this is the best option for responding. The sooner you can get a quote out, the sooner the client can accept it and the gig will be booked! When you send a quote, you are telling the client you are available and ready to be booked as long as they accept your price and terms. So make sure you are available for the date and time requested and able to hold that date until your quote expires. Learn more about sending a quote.

Pro tip: Choose default quote settings to make it faster and easier to send a quote.


Decline this event

Not every lead will be viable. Perhaps the service they are requesting isn't quite what you do, you aren't available on the dates requested, or you simply aren't interested. You should never just ignore a lead. If you aren't going to send a quote or message, you should politely decline the request. It will only take you a second to do, and it'll be very helpful to the client so they can continue looking at other options.

Pro tip: When you decline an event, you'll choose a reason and be given the option to include a message. It's good to provide a few details about why you must decline because perhaps the client could adjust their needs to accommodate you and you could still get the gig. Or at the very least, they may keep you in mind for future events. 

Send a message

Need more information before you can send a quote? Send a message first. You can discuss any missing event details and clarify their service needs. All discussions should take place with the client through the messaging platform. This way, you have a record of all communication saved in the same place as the original request and the final booking details. Even when the client provides a phone number (only paid members will have access to this) and you discuss details over the phone, we encourage you to send a follow-up message briefly recapping all the important things that were decided over the phone.

Note to free members: If you are a free member, you must communicate and book through the GigSalad platform. Because of this, you may not include contact information or web links (including links to social media profiles) in your messages to clients. If we detect this information, it will be removed from the message before it's sent to the client. We also monitor member-to-client interactions and multiple attempts at trying to go around our system will result in removal from the site. Read more about our circumvention policy.

Once the event planner opens your message or quote, the "Sent" status below the thread item will change to "Read" so that you'll know that it has been seen.

Frequently asked questions:

  • How can I save multiple message templates to choose from when I reply to leads?
    In the Quote Settings within the Edit PromoKit section of your control panel, there is a Saved Messages option. There you can add as many saved replies as you'd like. Later, when you send a message to a client, there will be a drop down box to choose from your saved responses. You can edit and tweak them as needed before sending.
  • Can I send files and videos with my messages?
    You can attach service brochures or riders (PDF format only), photos, and MP3 files to both messages and quotes. Also, if you include a YouTube or Vimeo link within the body of your message, we will automatically embed the video, making it very easy for the client to view without leaving the thread.
  • Can I call clients to discuss their event before booking?
    If you are a paid member, you may access a client’s phone number once you’ve sent a quote or message through the platform. Note that not all clients choose to provide their number with their request. If they don’t, you won’t have access until after the gig is booked. Read more about accessing client phone numbers.
  • I have my own contract I prefer to use. Do I have to use GigSalad's agreement & booking platform?
    Marketplaces are becoming the primary resource for finding and securing services of all types, and entertainment is no exception. This means that making payments and creating online agreements is now an accepted alternative to paper contracts and physical signatures. This may have been how you've done business in the past, but we've built our platform to allow you to book gigs without all that hassle. If you have additional terms and conditions that need to be known for your bookings, you can include those with your quote right on our platform. No need for any separate contract. When building a quote, just click "Add additional terms?" or save your terms in advance in the quote settings in your control panel.

    If you insist on using a separate contract, we still recommend confirming the booking through our site with a simple agreement (and if you are a free member, this is required). When you send a quote with your simple booking terms, you can attach a PDF of a contract and ask the client to sign that as well, if it's absolutely necessary. Please note that GigSalad is not responsible for mediating any disputes or honoring any of the terms outlined within any additional contract. If any of the terms within that contract contradict the chosen cancellation policy or additional terms for the booking, GigSalad will only honor the terms as they are outlined in the GigSalad booking agreement, with no regard to any terms of a separate contract. 

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