How to find and book virtual services

With the circumstances surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, almost all physical events are on hold for the foreseeable future. Many people are turning to virtual events instead! This is a new and exciting twist in the event planner world, and GigSalad is incorporating more tools for our users to better facilitate these online events and virtual parties.

About virtual services

We recently introduced a setting for GigSalad vendors to tell us whether or not they offer virtual services. If they opt in to this feature, a note will be displayed on their profile to let event planners know that they are willing and able to provide their service remotely. As you browse search results, look for – This vendor provides virtual servicesOffers Virtual Services – at the bottom of listings.

Keep in mind that this is a new feature and not every vendor has had a chance to adjust their settings. So if you see a profile you like but they don't say they offer virtual services, you should still reach out to see if they could help you with your event. 

Searching for virtual services

Finding virtual services isn't all that different from finding anything else on GigSalad. There are a few ways to go about it. 

Pro tip: Because of the live-performance nature of our site, search results are always location-based. But, with virtual services, you have a lot more options. We still recommend starting in your own city, so you can support your local artists, but if you can't find what you need, try changing the location to a larger city at the top of the search results page. 

Browse normally

If you already have an idea of what specific service you'd like, just search the site as you normally would. When you land on results pages, if there are vendors available on that page that are promoting virtual services, there will be a banner at the top of the results page. You can then scroll down to look at the results and look for profiles with the virtual services icon at the bottom.

Browse by virtual event type

If you aren't sure what specific service you might want, we've created a couple of different pages that can help you browse a variety of entertainers depending on the type of virtual event you're having. Visit our event-specific entertainment page to select the virtual event type that best matches your needs. Then you'll be able to browse the results of multiple categories that fit within that event type. 

Request a quick quote

Rather than browsing profiles, you can simply fill out the form at the top of any search results page (or request a quick quote here) and we'll send your event details to local performers for you. To ensure you have plenty of options, we'll send your request to those that have opted into virtual events and those who haven't. Because, again, some vendors may not have changed their settings yet. If a vendor can provide the virtual service you need, they'll respond to your request with a quote or message to discuss further.

Requesting virtual services

When you request a quote for virtual services, you should make it clear to the vendor that you will require they provide their service virtually. You can do this in a few different ways.

1. Select Virtual Event as your event type. This is the clearest way for vendors to identify your needs immediately as this and the event date are the two most prominent event details provided in their lead notifications and inbox. However, if you'd rather use a more specific event type like Birthday Party or Corporate Event, that's fine too. Just be sure the virtual nature is noted elsewhere in your request.

2. Choose a virtual event in place of a venue. One question in the quote request form will ask if you know the venue details. Rather than saying yes or no, choose the "This is a virtual event" option. This will then display the "venue" for the event to vendors as "Virtual." You'll still be asked to provide at least a city though, as this will help the vendor know what time zone you're in.

3. Clarify in your event details. One of the last slides in the quote request form will ask you to type any additional details you'd like the vendor to know about your event. This would be a good place to explain in more detail that the event is virtual and how you imagine it going. Is it a call? Will they need to host the call or just join in? What would you like them to do? 

Booking virtual services

Once you've talked with a vendor and gotten a quote that you're happy with, you're ready to book. The booking process is the same for a virtual event as any other event, so this is the easiest part! 

Simply click Book Now on the quote, provide your payment information, and you're all set. Payments through GigSalad are 100% secure and protected by our Worry-Free Guarantee. 😊

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