Creating saved messages and default quote settings

When responding to leads on GigSalad, response time is incredibly important. To save you time and make the process much easier, you can create saved messages and default quote settings to use for your responses.

Saved messages

There are probably several responses you find yourself writing over and over again when replying to leads. Rather than starting from scratch each time, create a few saved messages.

To add saved messages:
Log in to your control panel and go to Edit PromoKit, then select Quote Settings.
Select Saved Messages from the menu, or click Add beside Saved Messages on the Quote Settings page.
Create a title for your message. This title will not be visible to clients. It's only used for you to identify which saved message to choose when replying to a lead.
Write your message. 
Click Add Message.
Repeat steps 3-5 for as many saved messages as you'd like to have.

Now, when you reply to a lead with a message, you'll be shown a drop-down list of all your saved messages (identified by the titles you gave them). Select the one you want, make any necessary edits and add some personalization, then send!

Pro tip: Check out these helpful suggestions and examples to get you started with creating various message templates for your business.

Quote settings

When creating a quote for a potential client, there are many settings that are likely the same for each quote you send. To make it easier and faster to send quotes, you can save your defaults for the following settings in advance. 

Cancellation Policy: You may choose our default cancellation policy or create a customized cancellation policy for your GigSalad bookings. (Read more about cancellation policies here.) Whatever policy you choose will be included in each of your quotes, but you can alter it as needed before sending a quote if a particular event or client requires a different policy. Choose your preferred cancellation policy.

Additional Terms: If you have any specific requirements that your client must meet or terms they must agree to, you should save those details in your additional terms. This is where you might include an inclement weather policy, performance space specifications, legal requirements, etc. Saving your terms in advance will save you time and ensure they are included in each quote you send. Add your default additional terms.

Services Provided: Each quote has a text box where you can describe the services that will be provided for that specific event. Oftentimes, this information is going to be unique for each quote. However, there may be a standard service you provide or introduction you like to include in your quotes, so you can save a lot of time by creating a default message. This message can be changed or customized for each quote before sending. You're basically just giving yourself a starting point by having some text already in place. If there are several possible messages you might include in this field, you can list them all and then when you are building a quote, just edit out the text that doesn't apply to that particular event. Create a default description of your services.

Sales Tax: If you wish to add a sales tax to each of your quotes, save your preferred percentage so it'll be automatically added to each quote you send. Save your sales tax percentage.

Agreement Expiration: If you have a standard length of time you'd like to keep your quotes open, you can save that setting so it'll be used by default for all your quotes. If a quote ends up needing a shorter or longer time frame than your saved setting, you can always edit it for an individual quote before sending. Set your default expiration time frame.

Once you've saved your quote settings, your preferences will automatically be included with each quote you create. Each setting can be edited or customized before you send, but having the information pre-populated will save you a lot of time and effort when sending quotes to potential clients. 

To view and change your quote settings:
Log in to your control panel and go to Edit PromoKit, then select Quote Settings.
Click Add or Edit beside the setting you'd like to change or select the setting from the menu. 
Make the changes or additions you want, then click Save

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