Accepting Instant Booking opportunities

Instant Booking is only available to users looking for certain categories in applicable locations.

In addition to the regular leads you receive on GigSalad, we also have Instant Bookings opportunities. These are essentially prepaid events that you may accept and be instantly booked for the gig.

Here's how it works:

When an event planner searches for a service in a location that offers Instant Booking (currently available for Face Painters, Balloon Twisters, Caricaturists, Clowns, Jugglers, Magicians, Photo Booths, Santa Claus, and Stilt Walkers in limited locations only), we present an option that allows them to book instantly at a price set by GigSalad. After providing their event details, the event planner submits their credit card information to secure the booking for the quoted price.

We then send their request to vendors who meet their needs, as well as other criteria GigSalad requires to be eligible for Instant Bookings. If you are chosen to receive an Instant Booking opportunity, you'll get an email notification. This email notification is similar to a regular lead notification, but it will specify that it is an instant booking request.

From the email, you can click to view all the event details as well as the amount you'll earn if you choose to accept the gig. Be sure to review the event details carefully to ensure you can meet all the requirements before you agree to do it. 

Then you simply select Accept Gig or Decline Gig. If you're the first person to click accept, the gig is yours! If you're not interested, be sure to decline it so we can find other options.

Deposit and balance

We collect one total payment from the client at the time of the Instant Booking. We'll keep a portion of that payment as our service fee and the rest will be the amount you'll earn if you accept the booking. We will send you 50% of the total as your deposit via the payout method selected in your account. The remaining balance will be sent 1-2 business days after the event. Processing and payout time frames are the same with Instant Bookings as any other bookings. 

Service fees

GigSalad's service fee will be taken from the total price paid by the client at the time of the Instant Booking. When you get an Instant Booking opportunity, the price you are shown is the full amount you'll earn for that gig. No additional service fees will be deducted.

Cancellation policy and additional terms

Unlike regular bookings where you build a quote and add your own cancellation policy and terms, Instant Bookings are simpler and, well, instantaneous. Therefore, there's no way to include customized terms. Instead, we will apply our default cancellation policy to each Instant Booking (non-refundable deposit, always refundable balance). No additional terms can be added to Instant Bookings, but if you have certain requirements that can be worked out after the booking is confirmed, you may message or call the client to discuss specifics once you've accepted the gig. If you have terms that clients must agree to before they book you, then you may not be able to use our Instant Booking feature. If this is the case, please contact us to discuss.

IMPORTANT! If you cancel an instant booking after you've already accepted it, you will be charged a minimum fee of $50. So be sure to double and triple check the event details before you click accept to make sure you can meet the client's needs and you have no other gigs booked for that date and time. Instant bookings are a more hands-off experience for event planners, which means there is more hands-on work for GigSalad. They take a great deal more of our time and effort to complete which is why we must collect a fee if the instant booking later gets canceled for any reason. Just like any other cancellation, exceptions may be made, but only at our discretion. 

Frequently asked questions:

  • How are vendors chosen for Instant Booking opportunities?
    There are many factors that go into choosing which vendors will receive Instant Booking opportunities. You must provide the requested service in or near the city where the event is located. And we only choose vendors with a 5-star verified review average and a professional track record on GigSalad (i.e. good response rate and successful bookings).
  • How is the price determined for Instant Booking gigs?
    The price quoted to the client for an Instant Booking is calculated based on data we've gathered from actual quotes sent through our platform by vendors in that category and location. Using that data, we've determined price points depending on the length of the performance requested that are fair to both the clients paying and the vendors being booked.
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