Circumvention policy

We require that our free members keep all of their communication and bookings on the GigSalad platform. Circumventing our booking platform is a violation of our terms of use for free members.

Sharing contact info

If we detect that a phone number, email address, or website is included in a message or quote, that information will be automatically redacted and replaced with a 'hidden' note. 

An alert will pop up to tell you when this happens, but the message will still be sent with the contact info hidden. As you can imagine, this won't look great to the event planner so it's best to avoid including contact information in the first place. 

Communication violations

We regularly monitor member-to-client interactions to look for members who are blatantly disregarding our policy. This includes attempting to obscure your contact information to avoid detection or trying to take the booking off of GigSalad. Obvious circumvention of our platform will result in removal from the site.

Examples of violations: 
  • "Call me at four one seven eight ..."
  • "Search for me on Google and contact me through my website."
  • "Find me on Facebook." (Or any other social media site.)
  • "Please send me your contact information so we can book off of GigSalad."

Even if you think you are being sneaky by finding clever ways to share your contact information, we will still see it. Not only that, sending weird, indecipherable messages does not look professional and reflects poorly on GigSalad, while likely turning the event planner off from using your services.

What you can do

Rather than trying to send clients to your website or social media to see your work, make it available to them right there on GigSalad.

Improve your PromoKit

Not all event planners look at profiles prior to requesting a quote, but they can easily access them from the message thread. Add great photos, video, and audio samples to your PromoKit and direct clients to check out your profile to see what you can do. This will be easier and more convenient than leading them away from GigSalad to find you on various other sites.

Send attachments

We understand the importance of communicating with a client and that you can't always include everything you want within a text-only message. This is why you have the ability to attach images, PDF, and MP3 files. You can also send YouTube and Vimeo links and we'll embed the video right into the message so the client can easily view it without leaving the page. 

To attach a file, click "Attach photo, MP3, or PDF file" beside the paperclip icon below the message/quote. You may send up to 10 files with a message.

After booking

Once you have successfully booked the gig, you may then share any necessary contact information (websites, email, phone number) with the client. At the time of booking, the client will also be required to provide a phone number so that you're given extra communication channels in the days leading up to the event.

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